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Helping Children to be Victors

Welcome to Wolverine Human Services

Wolverine Human Services (WHS) is a social service agency providing safety, sustenance, nurturing, and therapeutic intervention to children. Wolverine’s programs focus on adolescents suffering from the social injustices of abuse and neglect and those involved in delinquent activities.

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What's Happening at Wolverine Human Services

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Emotions Language: What Language Do You Speak?

Do you speak ‘feelings’ as a second language?  Are you fluent in expression of anger, fr...

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Don't cry...

The world tells our boys, "Do not show emotion." "big boys don't cry" "act like a man" "don't...

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Clinical Care: What is NSSI All About??

  Understanding Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI) Behavior of Young People Wolverine Human Service...

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