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Who We Are

WHS Services and Programs

Wolverine Human Services is a social service agency providing safety, sustenance, and nurturing and therapeutic intervention to children. Wolverine's programs focus on adolescents suffering from the social injustices of abuse and neglect and those involved in delinquent activities. Our mission is to offer the most appropriate settings and most effective services to children, their families and their communities. Our purpose is to take part in a mutual effort, assisting those in need to overcome social and economic barriers, to capitalize on their personal strengths, and to contribute to their own healing. Our approach is eclectic and is founded on the premise of “unconditional” care. Wolverine's continuum of services and effective network of referral sources provide a responsive and cost-effective system accessible at the community level. We continue to use new treatment approaches, expand our services, reach out to collaborate with other service providers and utilize input from our many clients, constituents, funders and supporters.

Wolverine Human Services currently provides services for more than 350 male and female clients between the ages of 0 and 21 and their families, from more than 38 Michigan counties.