About the Board

Mission: Fresh Era Detroit is a young professional board founded and supported by Wolverine Human Services. Through specific fundraising campaigns, social projects, community events and other networking and professional development activities the board is always “helping children to be victors” and promoting the Seven Principles of WHS in the City of Detroit and throughout the State of Michigan.

Seven Principles of Wolverine Human Services: Reality, Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Negotiation, Education, and Love.

In it’s desired state, Fresh Era Detroit will:

  • Be a goal-oriented, highly-achieving group of young leaders who stay connected and produce tangible results through a fully collaborative, open and honest environment with alignment across all members
  • Maintain a strong brand presence in the community that is both contemporary and recognizable to current Wolverine Human Services efforts
  • Constantly build awareness and educate new audiences — always inspiring those who might not have been previously invested to action
  • Coordinate and participate in 5-6 successful, completed events each year

General Information and Expectations: 2014 was the inaugural year for the Wolverine Human Services Fresh Era Board, and we currently have 12 members. All members are able to serve 2-year term limits on the Fresh Era Board. All members are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of meetings and events; we have one group meeting each month (typically via conference call) and host 5-6 events each year. In addition, all members are required to participate in at least one committee and actively contribute to the overall mission of the Fresh Era Board. The Fresh Era Board leads numerous projects and events of which they are solely responsible. You can expect to make a 7-10 hour per month commitment to participating. There are NO financial requirements or expectations for participating Fresh Era Board members.

Committees: As developed by the needs of the current board. Committees currently include: Marketing and Branding, Events, Policy and Procedure, Social Advocacy, and Land Renovation Project.

Representative Profile: We are looking for young professionals (aged 20-39) from diverse fields who have a passion for doing good in their communities and have an interest in supporting the youth of Detroit. Only external applicants may apply (no current Wolverine Human Services employees).