Adoption Program Manager (regional)

The mission of the Adoption Program Manager is “Helping Children to be Victors”.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Must possess the educational requirements and experience as specified within the state of Michigan’s licensing and contractual rules and expectations.
  2. Masters Degree preferred from an accredited school of social work or equivalent degree in a related field. Bachelors Degree from an accredited school of social work or equivalent degree in a related field with qualifying experience mandatory.
  3. Must possess a strong commitment to strengthening families in order to establishing successful and safe permanency plans, forge positive community relationships and advocate for the betterment of children and adults in need. Must have experience working with families and children involved with abuse and neglect situations, delinquency and community/home-based programs.
  4. Must be of satisfactory physical and mental health. Must be emotionally stable and of good moral character. Have a positive attitude and be nonjudgmental.
  5. Demonstrated capacity for effectively performing administrative responsibilities.
  6. Must support the Wolverine Human Services Mission Statement and present the agency and its clientele in a professional, ethical and positive fashion.
  7. Must successfully complete all required CWTI, contractual, licensing and agency training.
  8. Ability to successfully teach/train, supervise and consult with staff, agency committees and other organizations as assigned.
  9. Must have demonstrated organizational and case management abilities.
  10. Must be able to meet and or exceed all licensing, contractual, COA and agency performance standards in regards to assigned program(s) / tasks.
  11. Must have the ability to enlist the support and participation of others in meeting objectives of the program.
  12. Must be able and willing to professionally work with a diverse population and multiple cultures.
  13. Possession of a valid Michigan Chauffeur’s license, satisfactory driving record.
  14. Ability to handle a flexible schedule. Be available and willing to respond to agency/client related needs on a twenty-four hour basis.

Principal Function

Support the Wolverine Human Services (WHS) mission statement and agency goals. Will successfully meet and or exceed all Licensing, contractual and agency performance standards, tasks and expectations in a professional and ethical manner. The goal is to secure and develop quality adoptive homes and appropriately match children with care providers that enable children to achieve permanency in a safe and structured manner.

  • Manage and coordinate all required agency, licensing and contractual adoption activity such as: referral, placement, court activity, recruiting, training, coordination with FC and licensing, fiscal supervision/tasks and data collection and processing.
  • Provide managerial guidance, advocacy, and supervision to the: Adoption Department employees, CBP recipients of care, WHS employees, Community partners and those doing business with the agency.
  • Will work closely with other CBP administrators as assigned.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Translate performance standards, policies, and procedures into appropriate operational guidelines for workers.
  2. Assists workers and Adoptive parents in interpreting agency and state/contractual standards and policies and develop the means to abide by them.
  3. Facilitates workers and care provider’s resolution of ethical dilemmas and concerns and provide guidelines which are sensitive to cultural differences of clients.
  4. Assist the CBP and WHS administrative staff in program and policy development.
  5. Assist the CBP and WHS administrative staff in the recruitment, screening, and selection of staff and care providers.
  6. Assumes primary responsibility for the orientation and training of staff. Insures that employees successfully complete all licensing and contractual training requirements.
  7. Monitors and assures that the unit and its employees are producing and maintaining accurate, timely and complete written records reports and correspondences.
  8. Insures that employee and self follow all required protocols regarding Mandated Reporting, Confidentiality and Ethical Standards.
  9. Will insure that client, care provider and agency records are maintained in a safe and secure manner.
  10. Conducts individual case conferences, supervision and team meetings as contractually required.
  11. Provides workers with needed support and consultation to enhance the provision of efficient and effective services.
  12. Assists workers and department in exploring a variety of action strategies to assist in making accurate assessments, recruiting community partners and care providers, developing appropriate service plans and making sound decisions in placements and case/permanency planning.
  13. Establishes and cultivates an environment in which learning can easily occur and make     recommendations related to professional development opportunities.
  14. Provides regular and frequent feedback regarding worker performance and will complete a formal performance evaluation of individual workers on the schedule established by the agency in consultation with the Program Administration.
  15. Collects data and provides agency records and reports as required by accounting, human     Resources, Contractors and Community Based Program services.
  16. Serve as a liaison with or representative to, other agencies or groups in the community.
  17. Assure that all court, scheduled meeting, reports, files and data are completed within program licensing and contractual standards.
  18. Participate in Quality Assurance activities.
  19. Perform other related work as required by the job or assigned by WHS and or CBP Program Administration.


Supervision will be provided by the Vice President of Community Based Services and or designee.

Other Factors

  1. Education opportunities offered by the agency and the profession will be provided for continuous development of professional competence.
  2. This is an exempt position for the purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1967.

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