Team Manager

The Mission of the Team Manager is “Helping Children to be Victors.” A team manager shall
be accountable to the Clinical Manager for over-all management and day-to-day operations of
client units or defined program area.


  1. The Team Manager is committed to the Mission Statement and Values of Wolverine Human Services, Inc.
  2. Possesses a minimum of bachelor’s degree in Social Work (preferred), Sociology, Psychology or related field. Two years of experience with a Juvenile Court or public/private child care facility is preferred.
  3. Has proven leadership ability, able to work under pressure, respond to crisis and initiate effective decision making processes. Ability to integrate use of evidence-based practices in the face of emergencies, notably Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to regulate high intensity emotions.
  4. Is of good moral character and emotionally stable.
  5. Has ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds including staff and clients and their families; and has an understanding of and respect for multi-culturalism.
  6. Sincere interest in the recovery and rehabilitation of adolescent clients, able to respond to needs of clients especially in emergency situations. Interest in supporting youth to use their skills in these situations and serves as a coach (rather than interventionist), using CBT techniques wherever possible.
  7. Appropriate role model for youth and co-workers, using CBT in day-to-day activities.
  8. Possesses mature judgment, initiative in areas of employee and program development. Incorporates CBT concepts into programs whenever possible.
  9. Has knowledge of social casework, principles, practices and techniques of child welfare, social work and management.
  10. Is open to learning the basics of CBT and other relevant evidence-based approaches. Committed to becoming endorsed in CBT as soon as possible.
  11. Has experience in working with children coping with traumatic backgrounds, adolescent clients with behavior problems and other identified client special needs.
  12. Has good physical health suitable for effectively carrying out the responsibilities of this position.
  13. Has proven ability to develop clinical and court documents that are accurate, objective, and logically organized. Integrates CBT language and progress monitoring information if possible and relevant.
  14. Has proven communication skills with demonstrated ability to lead group discussions. Uses (models) active listening.
  15. Possesses a valid Michigan driver’s license with willingness/ability to obtain Chauffeurs License.
  16. Has proven ability to safely manage and supervise a group of adolescent clients, to visually assess and observe crisis or escalation in behavior and attitude of individual clients in a group and the group as a whole; and to immediately implement an appropriate CBT intervention.
  17. Uses careful observations of behavior and attitude changes to contribute to the ongoing construction of the client’s cognitive case conceptualization.
  18. Ability to successfully complete and pass all levels of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training and certification provided by the agency in addition to attending any CBT workshops or trainings provided. Ability to apply the principles and techniques learned and to oversee the application of these principles.
  19. Possesses certification of satisfactory completion of First Aid and CPR training.
  20. Has a working knowledge of Wolverine Human Services and its scope of programs and services; has a working knowledge of other social service agencies and family courts and the manner in which they coordinate and relate to the operations of Wolverine Human Services, Inc.
  21. Has a working knowledge of the CBT model and supported interventions.
  22. Has a working knowledge of state licensing requirements and how they apply to the specific program operations of Wolverine Human Services.
  23. Demonstrates commitment to elevating CBT as the treatment of choice for youth in all situations.

**Ability to Work with a Diverse and Multi-Cultural Client and Staff Population**


  1. The Team Manager shall ensure that all treatment plans and activities are implemented
    and will ensure that evidence-based practices, notably CBT, are being used.
  2. The Team Manager will respond to various crisis situations appropriate to treatment plans
    of clients and families, using individualized client SPEED maps wherever possible.
  3. The Team Manager will supervise all direct care counselors, as designated by Clinical Manager. Supervision will include but is not limited to evaluation of skills and performances (CBT and otherwise), immediate and constructive feedback, disciplinary action, coordinating schedule coverage for absences and training, filling in for absences and coordinating training for new employees.
  4. The Team Manager will be able to conduct T.C.I. physical management training, CBT “refresher” trainings, team development, as well as facilitate and participate in various training programs team staff meetings.
  5. The Team Manager will communicate significant information to treatment team members through logging and verbal communication. The Team Manager must read all Treatment Team logging, medical waivers, incident reports and other internal communications regarding assigned clients and groups at the beginning of each shift; carry out related action and communications accordingly.
  6. The Team Manager shall ensure all documentation of activities and behavior of clients is complete and timely, observing agency policies, procedures and specific instruction of supervision. Documentation incorporates elements of CBT including updates to the client’s cognitive case conceptualization.
  7. Possesses extensive knowledge of core CBT interventions and how they are integrated into the care facility.
  8. The Team Manager will model the use of CBT language and promote its use among his/her team, ensuring that all CBT language is easy to understand.
  9. The Team Manager will ensure that the Clinical Manager is informed and supported in his/her responsibilities. Accordingly, the Team Manager shall:
    1. Supervise groups and instruct clients in areas of household responsibilities.
    2. Offer assistance and/or utilize abilities in athletic programs and group projects.
    3. Implement and follow through on weekday and weekend schedules and assignments
    4. Report all incidents to proper persons.
    5. Perform designated responsibilities such as medical liaison, education liaison
    6. Manage treatment modalities—incorporate evidence-based practices.
    7. Maintain an awareness of student behavior and attitude changes in all areas.
    8. Monitor and record client interactions and communications, per protocol.
    9. Communicate (either verbally or in writing) problems involving clients or staff in a fully accurate, complete, and balanced manner.
  10. The Team Manager will submit monthly reports to the Clinical Manager, which include the monthly objectives and procedures and meet required deadlines for reports, paperwork and administrative tasks.
  11. The Team Manager will support treatment team members, particularly in the use of CBT.
  12. The Team Manager will have the ability to observe behavior and keep control of a group, as well as the ability to respond immediately using CBT interventions.
  13. The Team Manager will be expected to be an enthusiastic role model of CBT intervention effectiveness.
  14. Participate in decision making regarding school enrollment giving consideration to the following:
    1. Social and emotional state and related emotion regulation skills
    2. Academic achievement
    3. Special education programming
    4. Extra-curricular activity participation
    5. Distance/travel time to and from current school/new placement and impact on the client.
    6. Supportive relationships and/or services
    7. Length of anticipated stay in placement.
  15. Request prior education assessments to assist in assessing clients’ current educational needs and coordinate with clients’ last school of record and the new school to ensure client does not lose any academic credits.
  16. Maintain regular contact with the school to monitor client progress. Put in place additional academic arrangements as needed. Communicate with teachers the client’s emotion regulation skillset and coach teacher on appropriate ways to respond to teen. Provide advocacy and service planning for clients who are expelled. For youth suspended from school or expelled from school or who have obtained their GED, provide or arrange for structured and/or vocational activities. Provide CBT-based interventions for clients who miss school.
  17. Making sure that clients show active participation with core CBT techniques and are progressing through their change process.
  18. Ensure on-going family contact in collaboration with the assigned Permanency Specialist. If distance is a barrier, identify plans to eliminate this barrier.
  19. Ensure families are optimally utilizing CBT techniques in their unique home environment, identifying any barriers and working through them with the family.
  20. Use family finding techniques to locate possible connections for clients. Coordinate with local DHS or referring workers to identify, recruit and prepare family for eventual placement or involvement with clients.

Responsible to: Clinical Manager, Program Manager or Facility Director or designee.


This is an exempt position for purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1967.

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