Weekend Impact

The Wolverine Weekend Impact program was designed to provide parents, court workers, school professionals and involved entities an outlet to assist at-risk young men and women in redirecting their energies and behaviors into a more positive path. Weekend Impact typically runs from Friday afternoon until early Sunday afternoon at Wolverine’s Vassar campus, located on 135 beautifully wooded acres in the Thumb of Michigan. Transportation can either be provided by the referring worker/parent or arrangements can be made for Wolverine to provide the transportation to and from the facility.

Services/Program components in the Weekend Impact program include:

  • Issuance of work clothing to be worn throughout the weekend
  • Assignment of work projects to be completed
  • Group Attentions to address behavioral issues that may arise during the weekend
  • Individual counseling as needed
  • Nutritious meals throughout the weekend
  • Safe, staff supervised sleeping arrangements in a WHS treatment unit
  • Feedback with placing parent/guardian/worker on attitude and overall performance of youth with recommendations for follow-up services.
  • Seasonal outdoor landscaping (raking leaves, cutting grass, shoveling snow, etc)
  • Cleaning (rooms, bathrooms, gymnasium)
  • Laundry services
  • Grounds clean-up
  • Riverbed clean-up
  • Trail maintenance
  • Community Service (weeding flower beds, planting flowers, cleaning elderly resident’s yards, etc)

For more information, call (989) 823-3040 and ask about Weekend Impact.