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Michael is a 13-year-old, African American male. Michael is a caring boy who is outgoing, active, and determined. He loves sports including football, basketball, baseball, and bowling. He enjoys dogs, watching movies, reading, writing, being outside, and having fun with his friends. He thrives with patience, consistency, and routines.

Diagnosis: Michael is currently diagnosed with asthma and allergies. He is under the care of a pediatric pulmonologist due to lung complications following a lung lesion. He is currently stable but should not be placed in a rural environment due to triggers from farm animals, dust, and pollen. He does have a rescue inhaler and allergy medication. He is also diagnosed with PTSD with no psychotropic medication prescribed. He is diagnosed with myopia of both eyes and an astigmatism of the right eye. He does wear prescription glasses.

Therapy: Michael continues individual trauma therapy weekly and group therapy weekly. His therapist does not have any current concerns.

School: Michael is in 7th grade with a current IEP for his academic concerns in reading, writing, and comprehension as well as reducing anxiety throughout the school day. He has no reported concerns for behavior and his teachers report he is one of the best students, is currently writing his own children’s novel, and is able to redirect and help others with their work when needed.

Sibling: Michael has siblings who are not in care and he does not have any contact at this time.

Behaviors/Concerns: Michael can be hyperactive and likes to joke around playfully with others. He does not have any concerning behaviors at this time. He is often rewarded in his placement for making good choices and having good behaviors. When he first entered care in March 2021, his behaviors included inappropriate language, self-harm, sexual reactive behaviors, physical aggression, and one instance of AWOL-ing. He does not display any of these behaviors currently and has not displayed these behaviors for the past 8 months.

Family Needs/Wants: Michael can be placed in a home with a one or two parent household of any race/culture, with or without animals, and without other children, or MUST be the youngest child in the home. Michael prefers a male and female caregiver.

Michael is currently placed in a residential center. He will most likely have a difficult time transitioning to a new placement, new caregivers, new school, new therapy, and new routines. A foster home must be aware that he will struggle and will need patience, guidance, and consistency. He will adjust but will take time to do so. A slow transition is recommended as Michael can struggle with anxiety.

MARE Listing: C010353
Contact: 248-275-5225,

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