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It’s no wonder that Zaniya wants to become an inspirational speaker when she gets older, given what one of the adults close to her says: “She thrives when she has a leadership role.” Zaniya’s speaking engagements will showcase “my own experiences to show others how to get through the hard things in life.” She’d be a good public speaker for a couple of other reasons: Zaniya is talkative, and she enjoys helping others. In fact, if Zaniya had a genie in a bottle, she’d wish to be rich so she could give money to the homeless. She also wants to own a Corvette, but that won’t take her to her dream destination, which is the Bahamas where Zaniya wants to take in the scenery and bask in the warmth. “It is a beautiful place,” she adds. Zaniya finds beauty in the color neon yellow, and she enjoys art, which is her favorite subject in school. She likes coloring and making crafts. Zaniya also enjoys playing Skip-Bo and participating in cheerleading. On the weekends, she likes shopping, going on outings and getting her hair and nails done. Zaniya would love to be a member of an active forever family. She dreams of traveling with them and connecting with their pets. Most of all, Zaniya says she just wants to be loved.

“Zaniya is a bubbly, friendly teenager who has a good sense of humor,” says one of her close adults. “Zaniya is smart, and funny and has a strong sense of self. She makes friends easily, and she’s helpful at home and at school and wants to do well.”

Zaniya would do well with a mom and dad, two female parents or a single female parent with a strong support system. Her new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma informed, and they must make sure Zaniya gets any needed services. Zaniya should be the only or youngest child in her new family. Zaniya also needs a family who will be open to letting her explore who she is and support her no matter what.

MARE Listing: #C09879
Contact: 248-275-5225,

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