Current Employees

CG Financial Services

Below you will find a quick message and short video from CG Financial Services. For those of you that may not know, CG Financial Services is the financial advisor for our retirement plan. They are working on providing more digital education to all of our employees in light of the current environment we are in.

These videos will vary in topics and are meant to be short (4-10 Minutes) and create a call to action by WHS employees. In addition to these videos, CG Financial is currently developing other unique ways to stay in touch and continue to provide their services.

During times like we have experienced the past few months, it is important not to act emotionally with your investments. This is why we chose our first topic to be about Avoiding Emotional Investing. Below you will find a link to the video presented by Richard Adams. Richard is an advisor out of our North Carolina office. CG Financial Services has many qualified advisors so you will see some faces you haven’t seen before as we continue to present these videos.

If you would like to contact a financial advisor at CG Financial, please call 877-807-2079, mention the company that you work for, and you will be routed to the financial advisor(s) dedicated to your firms retirement plan.