Derrick McCree

Senior Vice President of Residential Services

Bachelor of Social Work from Saginaw Valley State University
Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan

I began my professional career with the US Army; I am a Desert Storm veteran. After returning home, I got a position at Wolverine, providing care for the kids during the midnight shift. I was a dedicated worker, and earned both my BSW and MSW while working at Wolverine. I steadily moved my way up, and I now oversee all aspects of Wolverine’s 24/7 residential care programs. In addition to my work at Wolverine, I am an adjunct Social Work professor at my alma mater, Saginaw Valley State University.

My favorite part of my job is making the most difficult task possible. I believe that if we can support change in just one child, and steer them away from making poor life-altering decisions, we can have an impact on a wealth of people.

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