Case Aide

The mission of the Case Aide is “Helping Children to be Victors”.


  1. Minimum of a High School Diploma.  GED will be considered based on experience.
  2. Must possess mature judgment and initiative, have self-awareness and self-discipline.
  3. Must be an appropriate role model for Wolverine Human Services (WHS) clientele.
  4. Demonstrated ability to accept and work with individuals and families in the assigned target areas.
  5. A strong commitment to strengthening families.
  6. Satisfactory physical and mental health.
  7. Availability to handle a flexible schedule in order to successfully complete assigned tasks.
  8. Must be emotionally stable and of good moral character.
  9. Have a positive attitude regarding the completion of assigned tasks and treat all consumers, co-workers and community partners with dignity and respect.
  10. Must support the WHS Mission Statement
  11. Possession of a valid Michigan Chauffeur’s license, satisfactory driving record, required auto insurance and dependable transportation.
  12. Must support and adhere to all WHS policies, contractual obligations and licensing requirements.
  13. Must have the ability to work with a diverse and multi-cultural client and staff population in a non- judgmental and supportive manner.


  1. Successfully perform all assigned Community Based Program (CBP) and or WHS assigned tasks
  2. Safely transport and supervise recipients of care.
  3. Will adhere to all laws, licensing rules and policies when transporting children/adults/recipients of care.
  4. Will deliver and retrieve packages, supplies and or items as assigned.
  5. Will provide office based tasks such as but not limited to: filing documents, paper work tasks, data entry, escorting and greeting guests, cleaning, and telephone services.
  6. Assist with family visits, group activities and safety assessments of living environments.
  7. Adherence to all WHS policies and procedures.
  8. Will report: all truancies, injuries, damage, ethical concerns and incidents of Abuse/Neglect to the proper persons per policy and in accordance with all contractual, licensing and legal requirements.
  9. Adhere to the tenets of the Michigan Child Protection Law(s)/mandated reporting requirements.
  10. Must be willing to facilitate tasks for the CBP clientele in various locations and settings as the need arises.
  11. Must maintain a professional, supportive, confidential and therapeutic atmosphere for our clientele, co-workers, community partners and care recipients.
  12. Attend and successfully complete all scheduled training, meetings and appointments
  13. Immediately report any driving citations received in accordance with agency policy.
  14. Properly maintain all agency property, equipment and vehicles.
  15. Will promptly report any misuse and or damage of agency property via agency protocols
  16. Will adhere to all agency attendance policies and rules.
  17. Will successfully complete all required data entries and paper work and reports per agency standards.
  18. Will represent our agency in professional manner at all times.
  19. Will act as an advocate, liaison and or mentor on behalf of the agency, clientele, recipients of care, contractor, court and or community partners.
  20. Responsible for other duties as assigned.

Responsible to: The Case Aide Coordinator and or designee

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