Licensing Case Manager

The mission of the Licensing Case Manager is “Helping Children to be Victors”.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of Human Behavioral Sciences such as Social Work or Psychology. Master’s degree preferred.
  2. Must possess a strong commitment to bettering the lives of children, and other recipients of    care that are involved with the child welfare system and issues related to abuse and neglect.
  3. Must be of satisfactory physical and mental health. Must be emotionally stable and of good moral character. Have a positive attitude and be nonjudgmental.
  4. Training: Ability to successfully teach/train, and consult with care provider families, recipients of care, employees, agency committees and other organizations as assigned.
  5. Must have demonstrated communication, organization, assessment, written and computer skills / abilities.
  6. Must have possession of a valid Michigan Chauffeur’s license, satisfactory driving record, and maintain all required insurance coverages etc.
  7. Flexible nontraditional work hours: Must demonstrate understanding and ability to manage a flexible schedule. Must be available and willing to work evenings and weekends in order to facilitate scheduled trainings, family assessments and or respond to agency/client related needs.
  8. 24 hour availability: Our contract requires the provision of 24 hour emergency availability to our recipients of care and care provider families. As such, you will be required to provide this service.
  9. Travel: Must be willing to travel throughout the state of Michigan and to utilize a personal vehicle and or agency vehicle (when available) in order to successfully complete contractual and agency assignments/tasks.

*This position will entail the provision of direct licensing case management services, placement interventions, emergency response, and training to children and adults involved with Michigan’s child welfare system, including those affected/exposed but not limited to: severe abuse and neglect, mental health issues, medical issues, emotional conditions, substance abuse and criminal/legal issues/behaviors. Services will be provided in the community i.e., home settings, places of business, courts, schools, medical facilities, multiple counties etc.

**Ability to Work with a Diverse and Multi-cultural Client and Staff Population**

Principle Function

  • License, Assess, Train, Regulate and Support quality CBP Care Providers.
  • Mandated Reporting: this position qualifies as a mandated reporter. Employees will adhere to all laws, rules and policy regarding Mandated Reporting and the Child Protection Law/Act.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assessment: Assess families and individuals in regards to their ability to affectively foster, care for and or adopt recipients of care.
  2. Documentation: Produce all required licensing contractual and agency work related reports, incident reports, documentation, family assessments, home/family studies etc.
  3. Intake and Placement: Assist with the initial intake and placement needs of all referred recipients of care including infants, children, adolescents and young adults entering care. Assist with the ongoing and or re-placement needs of all recipients currently in care including infants, children, adolescents and young adults.
  4. Permanency Plans: Support the permanency planning goals and efforts for all recipients of care.
  5. Special Investigation: Conduct all assigned special investigation, develop and implement corrective action plans, regulate and enforce all licensing and contractual rules
  6. Training: Provide/facilitate training events for care providers, agency employees, recipients of care and community partners. Including Pride Model training, Agency Orientation, Coalition events, and other special topics as assigned.
  7. Professional Development: Must successfully complete and show mastery of all required training. Example:   Pride Model, DHHS Certification Special Investigation, CPR, and other contractual, licensing and agency required training. Must maintain all required annual training hours and remain in training compliance in accordance with licensing, contractual and agency policy and expectations.
  8. Special Assignments: As needed and in accordance with skill level and other duties employees will be asked to:
    • Mentor/train employees, provide on the job training experiences (shadowing) for employees and interns.
    • Provide additional training activities and or coordination/assessment of Pride and CPR.
    • Participate in in recruiting and or community events.
    • Operation Good Cheer (annual holiday gift drive) and other client/recipient events.
  1. Compliance: Must adhere to all licensing, agency and contralateral rules, procedures, regulation and law.
  2. Supervision /Team Work: Participate in supervision, team meetings and agency work groups as assigned.
  3. Confidentiality/Ethics: Must adhere to all required protocols and policies regarding confidentiality and ethics and must seek supervisory guidance as needed.
  4. Data/ (IS) Information System: Must become familiar with and successfully use/navigate all required data tools systems and protocols.
  5. Perform other related duties as required by the job or assigned by the supervisor.


Supervision will be provided by the CBP Licensing Supervisor and CBP Licensing Program Manager or designee.

Other Factors

  1. Education opportunities offered by the agency and the community will be provided for continuous development of professional competence.
  2. This is an exempt position for purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1967.

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