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The mission of the Adoption Case Manager is “Helping Children to be Victors”.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from an approved human services field, from an accredited school.  M.S.W. Degree from an accredited school of social work or an equivalent degree in a related field.
  • Knowledge of and/or experience in treatment with families and children.
  • Demonstrated ability to accept and work with individuals involved with Michigan’s Foster Care system.
  • A strong commitment to strengthening families.
  • Must be able and willing to work with a culturally diverse population.
  • Satisfactory physical and mental health.
  • Possession of a valid Michigan driver’s license satisfactory, driving record, and dependable transportation.
  • Availability to handle and facilitate a flexible/non-traditional schedule including 24 hour (on-call) duties.

Principle Function

  • Professional provision of Adoption services to those involved with Michigan’s Department of Social Services (DHS).
  • Will support the Wolverine Human Services (WHS) mission statement and agency goals.
  • Provide outreach and case management services to people in the community and at agency sites.
  • Provide professional case management services that adhere to the WHS standards of conduct, contractual obligations, and Michigan’s licensing rules.
  • Will provided services that support the permanency plan and goals of the children and families involved with the Michigan adoption process.
  • Successfully facilitate and complete all written reports, court requirements, training, meetings, appointments and other scheduled and non scheduled events that are instrumental in achieving successful adoptions and furthering the WHS mission.

Principle Duties & Responsibility

  • Successfully facilitate and complete (finalize) adoptions in a timely and professional manner.
  • Support and evaluate permanency plans and goals.
  • Provide family/Individual assessments to individuals interested in becoming adoptive parents.
  • Provide training/ groups for those interested and or involved with the adoption process.
  • Provide all required case management services including those specified by DHS, the Federal Government, WHS and the Court.
  • Assumes responsibility for the case file including but not limited to:  Safe and secure handling/storage of the file and its contents, Completion of Adoption specific forms, reports, billing statements, case notes, WHS documents and other documents as required.
  • Professionally completes reports within the timeframe required by DHS, Federal Government, Court and Wolverine Human Services.
  • Provide 24 hours on‑call services to recipients in crisis and will be available to agency administration for agency required work.
  • Will adhere to all (Mandated Reporting) requirements as specified by the child welfare act, state policy, WHS policy and law.
  • Training: Will attend and successfully completed all WHS and Contractual training requirements.
  • Develop extensive knowledge and effectively utilize community resources in behalf of recipients.
  • Complete all necessary and required statistical forms and reports.
  • Perform other related duties as required by the job or assigned by the supervisor or designee.
  • Will be required to transport recipients in personally owned and or agency owned vehicles.
  • Services are provided State-Wide:  Will be required to work/travel in multiple counties.
  • Maintain all confidentiality standards, laws and policies.
  • Represent and support Wolverine Human Services and its employees, clientele and activities in a positive fashion that furthers the agency mission statement, maintains ethical standards, and forms positive community relationships and advocates for the betterment of those receiving services from WHS.


Supervision will be provided by the Adoption program supervisor and or other agency staff as assigned.

Other Factors

  •  Education opportunities offered by the agency and the profession will be provided for continuous development of professional competence.
  •  This is an exempt position for purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1967.

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