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The mission of the Foster Care Case Worker is “Helping Children to be Victors”.

 Minimum Qualification

  1. A bachelor’s Degree in the human services field, from an accredited school. M.S.W. Degree from an accredited school of social work or an equivalent degree in a related field.
  2. Knowledge of and/or experience in treatment with families and children, including groups.
  3. Demonstrated ability to accept and work with individuals with significant emotional, psychological and/or behavioral difficulties.
  4. A strong commitment to strengthening families.
  5. Satisfactory physical and mental health
    1. potential flexibility in work schedule that allows for extensive worker access to clients and families in their homes.
    2. must be emotionally stable and of good moral character.
  6. Possession of a valid Michigan driver’s license satisfactory, driving record, and dependable transportation.
  7. Availability to handle a flexible schedule.

Principle Function

Provide training, support and supervision to licensed foster families which assist them in providing therapeutic care to youth placed in the home. Family treatment to the youth and birth family directed primarily to permanency planning. Services will include work with individuals and groups besides family treatment sessions.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide family assessments to youth accepted into Specialized Foster Care to establish clear directions for treatment and provide direction in permanency planning.
  2. Provide or arrange family treatment for youth in placement.
  3. Provide family treatment aimed at empowering the family to provide the needed nurturing and structure to enable the youth to move to a stable adulthood.
  4. Provide support/treatment groups for both parents and youth to supplement the family treatment.
  5. Provide educationally oriented groups for both parents and youth to supplement the family treatment.
  6. Provide or arrange training to foster parents in areas needed to properly care for the youth placed.
  7. Provide on-going support, help, and consultation to foster parents to enable them to provide proper care to youth placed in their home.
  8. On-going assistance in the licensing process to assure foster parents comply with licensing rules.
  9. Provide all required case management services including those required by DSS and the court.
  10. Assumes responsibility for the case file including all initial, updated and discharge summaries as required.
  11. Completes reports in the time frame required by DSS, the court and Wolverine Human Services.
  12. Provide school liaison services when the youth and foster parents can’t be empowered to handle appropriately.
  13. Provide 24 hours on‑call services to clients in crisis.
  14. Participate in staff meetings and in the development of policies and procedures for delivering services.
  15. Develop extensive knowledge and effectively utilize community resources in behalf of clients.
  16. Complete all necessary and required statistical forms and reports.
  17. Perform other related duties as required by the job or assigned by the supervisor.


Supervision will be provided by the Specialized Foster Care Program Manager or other agency staff as assigned.

Other Factors

  1. Education opportunities offered by the agency and the profession will be provided for continuous development of professional competence.
  2. This is an exempt position for purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1967.

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