The Mission of the Licensed Practical Nurse is “Helping Children to be Victors.” A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) shall be accountable to the Program Manager / Facility Director. The LPN shall coordinate the health care needs of each youth in an assigned program area; to ensure that the health care complaints of a youth are responded to and responsibly evaluated in a timely manner, that the youth is scheduled and taken to all medical, dental, optical and psychiatric appointments including follow up appointments. The LPN is a facilitator, not a provider of health care. The LPN is responsible for over-seeing the maintenance of all medications, prescription and first aid supplies assuring that are safe and secure.


  1. Is committed to the Mission Statement and values of Wolverine Human Services, Inc.
  2. Has a genuine interest in the habilitation and social treatment of delinquent or dependent youth in care.
  3. Minimum of a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
  4. Valid and current State of Michigan Practical Nurse license.
  5. Valid Michigan driver’s license.
  6. Possesses certification of satisfactory completion of First Aid and CPR training.
  7. Has capability and commitment to continue professional growth and development through seminars, workshops and college classes.
  8. Able to communicate clearly with patients, families, healthcare team, physicians, administrators and managers; able to teach youth the fundamentals of good health care.
  9. Able to record activities and document interventions. Able to prepare written reports that are accurate, objective and logically organized.
  10. Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds including staff, clients, and their families; and has an understanding of and respect of multi-culturalism.
  11. Must be emotionally stable and of good moral character.
  12. Ability to visually access and observe aberrant behavior in a youth or in a group and to immediately affect appropriate intervention.
  13. Ability to complete Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Seminar and to apply the principles and techniques.
  14. Have working knowledge of Wolverine Human Services and its scope of programs and services.
  15. Has a working knowledge of health care agencies and medical facilities which are used to obtain needed health care and medical intervention as needed.
  16. Has basic computer/date entry skills.
  17. Is committed to at least one year of employment.

** Ability to work with a Diverse and Multi-cultural Client and Staff Population.**


Full time; includes daytime, evenings and weekend scheduling as determined by management.


  1. The LPN shall ensure that all practice, activity, decision or organizational circumstance is lawful, prudent, and not in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics, or compromises the health and safety of the youth in care.
  2. The LPN will ensure that all youth will have their health and medical needs meet.
  3. The LPN will ensure that all health care and medical appointments are appropriately scheduled and that appropriate personnel are kept informed and that needed transportation has been arranged.
  4. The LPN will ensure that all medications, prescription drugs, first aid supplies will be kept safe and secure and that all unused medications are stored in accordance with the state licensing requirements and disposed of in a manner that ensures accountability and follows WHS policy.
  5. The LPN is responsible for ensuring the accurate completion of all medical records and logs for retention and security.
  6. The LPN is responsible for monitoring the dispensing of all medication. To ensure all medication is dispensed properly with proper documentation. The LPN will train Shift Coordinators on the proper ways to dispense medication.
  7. The LPN will communication with the Treatment Leaders of any medical or health care appointment. If a youth is scheduled for a home visit or off-campus activitiy, the LPN is to inform the Treatment Leader of the youth’s medication/prescription drug needs and facilitate that these accompany the youth.
  8. Report truancies. injuries, damage, ethical concerns and incidents
  9. Adhere to the tenets of the Michigan Child Protection Law(s)/mandated reporting requirements.
  10. Ability to appropriately manage youth in their care, maintain safety and the ability to respond and report to crisis scenarios in a timely and professional manner.
  11. Must have ability to create and maintain a professional, supportive and therapeutic atmosphere for our clientele, co-workers, community partners and care recipients.
  12. Attend all necessary meetings including but not limited to: staff development, weekly team meetings, Agency, departmental and agency wide meetings etc.
  13. Record mileage, destination and other information when using privately owned or agency vehicles.
  14. The LPN is responsible to keep all first aid kits and supplies up to date and in satisfactory condition.
  15. Responsible for other duties as assigned.

Responsible to: Program Manager / Facility Director and or designee


This is an exempt position for purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1967.

By signing below the employee acknowledges receipt of this job description, and also has an understanding of the job responsibilities listed above, knowing that they are intended as a guide rather than an exhaustive list of tasks.

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