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Minimum Qualification

  • Must possess and maintain a current, active license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Michigan. * Have a minimum of five (5) years increasingly responsible full time experience as a Registered Nurse. * A valid copy of a High School Diploma or GED equivalent must be on file. * Valid Michigan driver’s license.
  • Possesses certification of satisfactory completion of First Aid and CPR training. * Has capability and commitment to continue professional growth and development through seminars, workshops and college classes. * Able to communicate clearly with patients, families, healthcare team, physicians, administrators and managers; able to teach youth the fundamentals of good health care. * Able to record activities and document interventions. Able to prepare written reports that are accurate, objective and logically organized. * Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds including staff, clients, and their families; and has an understanding of and respect of multi-culturalism. * Must be emotionally stable and of good moral character.
  • Ability to visually access and observe aberrant behavior in a youth or in a group and to immediately affect appropriate intervention. * Ability to complete Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Seminar and to apply the principles and techniques. * Have working knowledge of Wolverine Human Services and its scope of programs and services. * Has a working knowledge of health care agencies and medical facilities which are used to obtain needed health care and medical intervention as needed. * Is committed to at least one year of employment.

** Ability to work with a Diverse and Multi-cultural Client and Staff Population.**

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