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The Mission of the Transporter is “Helping Children to be Victors.” A Transporter shall be accountable to the Security Director or Residential Care Coordinator for the safe transport of youth and their families to a variety of appointments and locations.


  1. Possess mature judgment, initiative, have self-awareness and self-discipline
  2. Must be sincerely interested in rehabilitation of delinquent youth.
  3. Minimum of high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.
  4. Must possess awareness of group dynamics and sensitivity to individual members of the group.
  5. Must be adequate role model for residents.
  6. Physical health must be adequate for performance of work.
  7. Ability to have visual control of a group of youth as well as the ability to respond immediately and to visually observe behavior.
  8. Ability to successfully complete a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention seminar provided by the agency.
  9. Must be emotionally stable and of good moral character.
  10. Must be willing to supervise the residents as the need arises.
  11. Must be available for twenty-four (24) on call duty.
  12. Must have Michigan Chauffeurs License and excellent driving record.
  13. Flexible availability to work some evenings and weekends to accommodate programs.

**Ability to Work with a Diverse a Multi-cultural Client and Staff Population.

Usual Time Involvement:

Position is part-time, with a variety of day, afternoon, evening and weekend shifts necessary. These shifts may be adjusted in order that staffs’ time can overlap each change of shift.


  1. Is responsible for coordinating the expectations of residents in the following areas, according to the respective shift:
  2. Inform residents of the following policies regarding:
    1. Visiting
    2. Rules and Regulations regarding vehicle transportation.
    3. Cleaning and up-keep of vehicles
    4. Care and use of all equipment and supplies
  3. Report truancies and other incidents to proper persons. (See policies for AWOL an Incident Reports).
  4. Attend all necessary meetings including staff development, weekly team meetings and any called by supervisory staff.
  5. Record mileage, destination, and other information when using agency vehicles
  6. Secure building and agency vehicles.
  7. When Transporting:
    1. Assure proper security techniques are used at all times (IE., mechanical restraints, seatbelts, LOS, etc)
    2. Transports residents to designated destinations as indicated by Shift Supervisors or Security Personnel
    3. Keeps consistent records of vehicle mileage and vehicle maintenance in log.
    4. Reports all vehicle problems to Security Director or designee.
    5. Assist with all appointments to ensure proper vehicle maintenance (IE., oil changes, tune ups, wheel alignments, etc).
    6. Assumes promptness of residents to destinations.
    7. Is responsible for other duties as assigned.

Responsible to: RCC and or Security Director

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