James and Heather have been foster parents with Wolverine Human Services since July 2016. They first came to WHS because they wanted to ultimately adopt a child. Although that was the family’s goal, James and Heather have successfully fostered seven children. The family finalized their first adoption in March 2019. This family epitomizes what a foster family should be. They are encouraging and never give up on a child once they have vowed to care for that child. They have built strong bonds with the birth parents and continue to assist with children that have returned home. When one of the children they fostered was exhibiting difficult behaviors and emotions due to trauma, the family was by the child’s side creating a very specific plan of care that would have a successful outcome. The commitment they have shown has been inspiring and they are a wonderful example of what “Helping Children to Be Victors” really means. We thank you for all that you do and the great example you both are to other foster and adoptive families and to the children that you have served.

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