Christopher was at Pioneer Work and Learn Center for 6 months. He felt he was making poor decisions that led him off a different path that was allowing him to succeed. He is an amazing football player and just as he is resilient on the football field, Christopher dug deep and decided he wanted to achieve more in life and that is due to receiving treatment at Pioneer Work and Learn Center. Christopher went on to demonstrate leadership and was a role model for the peers in his program. He was able to graduate with high praise from the teaching staff. With his continued focus and success in the game, Christopher has committed to a 4-year university with a career goal to help children not make the same mistakes that led him into placement. Christopher reports, “I was on and off probation, and there just comes a time in life where you have to get ahold of yourself and shape up. Now that I’ve grown up and matured, I decided I want to help people out, whether it’s as a lawyer or a law enforcement officer.”

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