Annual Reports

WHS Annual Report 2017

April 17, 2018

Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services! Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services has become the largest child welfare agency providing...

WHS Annual Report 2016

January 29, 2018

Dear Wolverine Friends and Supporters, It is always a busy and exciting year when in the last year Wolverine Human Services served 1200 youth. In...
2015 Annual Report

WHS Annual Report 2015

January 1, 2016

Dear Friends, It has been another exciting year at Wolverine Human Services! We are proud of our many accomplishments: maintaining a balanced...
2013-2014 Annual Report

WHS Annual Report 2013-2014

January 1, 2014

Dear Friends, We’ve had a wonderful year together! Your support has meant the world to us as we work to advance the mission of “Helping...
2012-2013 Annual Report

WHS Annual Report 2012-2013

January 1, 2013

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support over this past year.  We have many accomplishments to celebrate, not the least of which is a balanced...
2011-2012 Annual Report

WHS Annual Report 2011-2012

January 1, 2012

Welcome to our 25th year of “Helping Children to be Victors.” Dear Friends, We want to thank everyone for their continued support during...