COA Community Survey

The Council on Accreditation (COA) is conducting an accreditation review of Wolverine Human Services, Inc. and seeks your assistance. COA is a national organization that sets standards for quality service and sends teams of experienced professionals to visit organizations to see whether they meet these standards. A very important part of this review consists of asking stakeholders within the community about their experience with, and impression of, our network.

You may respond as a general observer of how our network is viewed in the community, as someone with direct experience with our network, or from both perspectives. COA requests that, if possible, you select an individual to complete this survey that has had the most direct knowledge of, or experience with, our network.

To start the survey, follow the link below to take the survey on-line. Note: When you are prompted, please enter the organization code below.

TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 877-833-6174

ON-LINE: (If the survey link isn’t clickable, is cut off, or gives an error, please try copying and pasting the entire URL into your browser’s address bar and press Enter.)


The information you provide is confidential and will go directly to COA. Our organization will not see your responses to this survey. Thank you for your valuable input.

COUNCIL ON ACCREDITATION New York, NY 10006 phone (866) 262-8088