Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services!

Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began WHS after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed a treatment model that he believed would provide the best possible outcomes. After opening the flagship program on February 4, 1987, St. Jude’s Home for Boys, Wolverine Human Services has grown significantly and has developed a vast array of treatment programs.

We currently have 19 different Treatment Programs at six sites, and four foster care and adoption offices. Our Residential Treatment Programs include secure and non-secure facilities for both males and females in Residential Foster Care, the Juvenile Justice system, and those in need of treatment for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse. Our Community Based Programs include Foster Care, Adoption, Independent Living, and Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care. We are a statewide agency having served children from all 83 counties in Michigan. We also now provide secured treatment to children from other states throughout the country.

We have achieved our success by being flexible and taking calculated risks. We have been asked over the years by the Department of Health and Human Services and counties to develop programs to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of your youth in crisis and we have been able to accomplish that.

Our implementation of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) continues across our residential programs with Sustainment and CBT Coach teams. Some of our most seasoned staff members continue carrying the banner of CBT; introducing it to new staff members and clients. CBT teaches self-sufficiency for clients, so they do not need others to co-regulate their emotions; hence, we are focused on developing the “Six Core Skills” in our clients, helping them practice and apply them in their daily lives. Staff members work toward endorsement in the same “Six Core Skills,” creating a common treatment language between all stakeholders and levels of care. This evidence-based program model allows for innovative treatment of children in a residential setting.

In the field of child welfare, things are always changing. At Wolverine Human Services, we want to be the model for the change that is to come. We are truly dedicated to our children and their families and are always striving to be the very best we can be. By dedicating ourselves to the needs of any child and any parent at any time, we truly are Helping Children to be Victors!

Judith Fischer Wollack, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer, Wolverine Human Services

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