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2021 WHS Annual Report

Words from the President & Chief Executive Officer The year 2021 presented significant financial challenges, as the ongoing need for pandemic PPE created an unforeseen funding gap, necessitating greater resourcefulness and reliance on our supportive community. Additionally, with the state’s decision to decrease residential treatment services, we made the difficult decision to close Wolverine Secure […]

2020 WHS Annual Report

“2020 was an unprecedented year of challenges, but through the tireless efforts of our team and the generosity of our supporters, we were able to secure vital PPE, maintain stringent health standards, and ensure the safety of the children we serve. Our profound gratitude goes to everyone who donated and stood by us, your support […]

Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. After the Civil War, slaves were declared free under the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation. On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers enforced the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all remaining slaves in Galveston, Texas. “The Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, had established that all enslaved people in Confederate states in […]

Care Providers of the Month – Brummel-Taylor Family

Meet the Brummel-Taylor Family! In recognition of Pride Month, we would like to use this time as an opportunity to help unite, connect, and support others who might be searching for families who look similar to theirs. We are honored and excited to introduce June’s Care Provider of The Month: The Brummel-Taylor’s! They are an easy-going [...]

WHS Celebrates Pride

June is a time for people all over the world to come together in support of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we should continue to strive to find new and exciting ways to celebrate how far we’ve come together as well as acknowledging the work that still [...]

2019 WHS Annual Report

LETTER FROM THE CEO Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services! Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began WHS after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed […]

WHS Care Providers of the Month – Johnson Family

Meet the Johnson Family! The journey of fostering can be significantly different for every family. While the main goal of foster parenting is to support reunification between foster child and biological family member, adoption opportunities may arise. As we continue to celebrate National Foster Care Month, we would like to introduce Nicole and Roy Johnson [...]

Redefining Normal

Meet Justin and Alexis Black! Justin and Alexis are former foster youth who bring a special outlook on life. With creative drive and their entrepreneurial spirit, the Black family is providing voices for children in foster care. We all have different past experiences which is common amongst us all, yet many children in foster care [...]

Foster Care Month: Abuse & Neglect

Happy Foster Care Month! This May, we are excited to bring awareness to the need for foster parents for over 12,000 youth in foster care throughout the state of Michigan. Children in foster care have different stories, and backgrounds. With such diversity comes the commonality of each child’s past which often times includes abuse and [...]

Foster Care Month

Donate With your contribution, you are aiding in our mission of helping children & families to be victors May is National Foster Care Month! It is a time to recognize that we can each play a part in enhancing the lives of children in foster care. There are currently 13,000 youth in foster care in [...]

WHS Care Providers of the Month – Robidou Family

Meet the Robidou Family! Michael and Shiree Robidou’s foster parent journey began in 2017. After proceeding through training, background checks, and their home study, the Robidou’s have provided a safe, and loving home for six foster children in a span of four years. Over the years Michael and Shiree have been able to support the [...]

Fostering Hope: How Can You Help?

Staying positive during uncertain times can be incredibly difficult. The pandemic has managed to leave a “lingering grey cloud” above all of our heads. In light of this, our team at WHS has decided to use both National Hope Month and Find-A-Rainbow Day to reflect on what hope represents, and how we can preserve this [...]

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month has been observed since 1978 celebrating women’s accomplishments and contributions to history and culture. Noted on, “In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued the first presidential proclamation declaring the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week. The U.S. Congress followed suit the next year, passing a resolution establishing a national celebration. Six years later, [...]

It’s Tapas Time!

WHS is cooking for a cause as we raise funds for our Sensory Therapy room. This virtual cooking class is Friday March 26th 6-7:30 pm. Now you may be asking….What are Tapas? Tapas are invariably a small dish of something edible. It may be a smaller version of something else on the menu or it [...]

Care Provider Support Groups

This Spring, we are excited to announce that we are offering virtual support groups for Care Providers with Wolverine. The pandemic may have changed our normal routines, but we believe that no matter the circumstances, support is critical to providing successful care for children in foster care. Virtual support groups provide safe opportunities for foster [...]

WHS Care Providers of the Month – Olsen Family

Meet the Olsen Family! This March, we are excited to recognize the Olsen family as Care Providers of the Month! The Olsen family can be described as loving, caring, kindhearted, giving, and family centered. These are just a few reasons why the Olsen family has been selected as Care Providers of the Month. Shay and [...]

Michigan creates task force to address racial disparities in state’s child protection system [MDHHS]

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has created a task force to prevent and eliminate systemic racism in the state’s child protection system and transform it to make family well-being and preventing abuse, neglect and trauma the top priority of the department’s Children’s Services Agency. MDHHS is partnering with [...]

Covid Creates a Need for Foster Parents

Understanding the Process of Foster Care Deciding to foster or adopt is a selfless act that comes with a lot of planning and preparation. The idea of putting someone’s needs before yours is a major responsibility and children cannot be successful without dedication and commitment. Please watch this short video to learn more about the [...]

WHS Care Providers of the Month – Apfel Family

Meet the Apfel Family! Amy and Paul Apfel have been licensed foster parents with Wolverine since 2019. Their foster parent journey started with the desire to provide relative care for a child in their family. The Apfel family saw a need within their family and was more than happy to step up to provide care [...]

A Former Auto Assembly Line Worker Creates Art Foundation [CW50]

In partnership with Wolverine Human Services, Tony Roko founded the Art Foundation, a nonprofit focused providing art education and creative expression opportunities to Detroit’s youth. The foundation works out of Roko’s studio and focuses on Southeast Michigan schools and therapeutic facilities. The program will begin to develop each student’s distinct style and intuitive self-expression. READ […]

Commentary: Nonprofit child welfare agencies facing labor shortage [Crain’s Detroit Business]

Essential family services in Michigan like adoption and juvenile justice facilities are facing a critical labor shortage. While the labor shortage has been a chronic problem for Michigan’s nonprofit, accredited child welfare agencies, COVID-19 has made it much worse. As a member of the Association of Accredited Child Welfare Agencies, I speak from experience when […]

Dedication and Family Values

For Judith Fischer Wollack, passion turning reality runs a long history within their family. In talking about the history of the agency and how it has evolved to where it is today, Mrs. Wollack notes “I believe that, at least for myself, this started with my father, Clarence Fischer. In 1969, he helped found Homes [...]

WHS Care Providers of the Month – Allore Family

Meet Samantha and Evelyn! This January, Wolverine recognizes Evelyn and Samantha as Care Providers of the Month! Throughout 2021 each month, we will be celebrating our care providers who have gone above, and beyond as foster care or adoptive parents. Because of the Allore family’s dedication, commitment, and nurturing care, the Allore’s have been selected [...]

Non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies facing critical labor shortage

Fairness in funding would better equip agencies looking to hire Michigan workers and provide fair pay for critical work  LANSING – Non-profit, accredited child welfare agencies are sounding the alarm bell regarding a growing shortage of workers that could affect critical family services like adoption and juvenile justice facilities. “From providing youth mental health services to bringing families together through adoptions, non-profit, accredited child welfare […]

We Can All Be Heroes Book

COVID-19 has changed the way we all do things. From our everyday routines, jobs, travel and much more. Everyone has been affected by the virus and we continue to navigate the pandemic with hopeful thoughts of getting through this very soon and to a safe environment for all. For Wolverine, it could not stop us [...]

CBP Shopping Trip

As times are tough, Wolverine’s commitment remains the same; Helping Children to be Victors! For youth in Foster Care, these can be times of great uncertainty in their lives; the added challenges of the pandemic may cause increased anxiety of an already stressful situation. Two children that have been in our care for the last [...]

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season is like no other. With COVID-19 restrictions and precautions in place everywhere we go, it can be difficult to stay connected and see the joy of the season. Even though times have been tough, we can be proactive in our friendships, family life, and work obligations. When plans change time and time [...]

Meet the Moore Family!

Meet the Moore Family! On October 2nd, 2020, Mr. and Mrs. Moore have finalized the adoption of their son Colin with Wolverine in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Moore family story is a testimony that even when life can be tough, we can always keep moving forward in our work ethic, passions, and [...]

Giving Tuesday

The Holiday season is upon us. At Wolverine Human Services, it is the most magical time of the year! WHS provides gifts for over 400 children and youth in our care. While we are aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas, this celebration is a lesson in kindness, generosity, joy, happiness, and another reason to be […]

Bryan Family: A Story of Love and Commitment

Meet the Bryan Family! The Bryan family includes parents, Micah and Jennifer, and their four-year-old son, Kamarye! The Bryan family has recently finalized the adoption of their son Kamarye. Even though the adoption process was temporarily delayed due to COVID-19 closing the Wayne County Court Adoption Unit, the Bryan family is excited to celebrate their [...]

Mutabazi – An Adoption Story of Love and Family

Meet Peter and Anthony Mutabazi! Peter Mutabazi and his son Anthony have an incredible story which has been aired by CBS, FOX, and Good Morning America. Peter is a single foster and adoptive father living in North Carolina, if you have not heard their full story, I am excited to share it with you now. [...]

Happy Adoption Month!

This November, Wolverine Human Services is excited to celebrate ADOPTION! Adoption is the intentional choice to enter into a relationship with another. Although 2020 has been an incredibly unique year for all of us, we have the chance to celebrate the opportunities that adoption can provide. Adoption of Foster Youth provides the opportunity to not [...]

Happy Harvest from Wolverine Human Services!

We are excited for the change in season and the opportunities for family bonding are plentiful! Whether you are a foster, biological, single parent or wanting to build a family, Wolverine wants to help make your fall memorable while providing opportunities to give back to the community. As the leaves turn, we also turn the […]

3rd Annual “Paint the House Pink” Event

On October 22nd, Vassar House is having its 3rd Annual “Paint the House Pink” event for our clients. During this event, our clients will be provided with 30-45 minutes of breast health education. They will participate in activities to connect what they learn to long term remembrance of this important information. Other activities include learning […]

Raise a Superhero

Superheroes are looked up to by so many at all different ages! No matter if your favorite superhero is Batman, Superman or Spiderman, each superhero has amazing abilities. Flying, super strength, invisibility, and super speed to name a few that superhero’s displays in their heroic actions! Even though we may never have the chance to […]

Myths of Foster Care

There are many myths that surround Foster Care. It can be difficult to identify what information is true or not when considering becoming a successful foster care parent. Our Staff here at Wolverine wants to provide clear and valuable information, resources, and next steps to help you become a foster care or adoptive parent. In [...]

Raise The Flag – Raise a Superhero

This weekend Raise the Flag Detroit is having a virtual live streaming fundraising event to benefit Wolverine Human Services. We had the opportunity to talk with Ali Thrower, founder of Raise the flag Detroit and learn more about their mission and their vision for Detroit. Ali started Raise the Flag Detroit about 12 years ago […]

Community Resource Highlight: Downriver Foster Closet

We appreciate foster care and adoptive parents! Our Foster Care and Adoption team here at Wolverine works every day to provide an abundance of resources to our current and future foster care and adoptive parents to be successful in their Care Provider Journeys. We understand that when fostering or adopting, there can be challenges along […]

WHS Drive-Thru Interviews

Wolverine is an agency full of out-of-the-box thinkers and staff who are not afraid to take on a challenge or roll up their sleeves and do the hard work. This was again made apparent these last few weeks when our HR teams put together a series of drive-thru interviews in order to hire more much […]

Foster Care from Anywhere Experience – Care Provider Portal

What is the Care Provider Portal? The Care Provider Portal is the hub for information, resources, training dates, and all things Foster Care and Adoption related. The Care Provider Portal will allow you to take control and manage your experience here at Wolverine. What will the Care Provider Portal do? The Care Provider Portal provides [...]

Foster Care From Anywhere

Covid-19 has dramatically changed our world. Covid-19 has challenged businesses, non-profits, and families to embrace technology in order to meet the needs of their community and to be successful in their respective fields. Wolverine has recognized the need to bring a virtual experience to foster care parents throughout the state of Michigan. We are excited [...]

Foster Care from Anywhere – Digital Documents

The Foster Care from Anywhere experience offers the ability to complete documentation digitally to help you stay organized and move smoothly through the foster care training process. HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO FILL OUT THE DOCUMENTS DIGITALLY? Through our Care Provider Portal, you will be able to take control of this process and manage [...]

Our Youth Needs You

Our mission is at Wolverine is to help children to become victors. No matter the circumstances facing any child, Wolverine believes that there is hope.   The number of children that have experienced abuse and neglect in their past is staggering. We believe that there is no reason for a child to experience abuse and […]

What is a Donation?

A donation is a gift for charity. It can be anything from money and goods to services and volunteered time. Last week I was thrilled to receive a call from Shari Fesko. Shari is the Youth and Teen Librarian at the Southfield Library, a place where Wolverine Center (WC) Youth go to enjoy special programs, [...]

Wolverine Foster Care Update – PPE

Wolverine Human Services (WHS) is proactively working to keep foster children, care providers, and staff members safe during the pandemic. WHS has embraced technology and has equipped staff members to be able to start face-to-face activities with foster care children, care providers , and biological families. We are excited to share that July 1st was […]

Keeping the Children in our Care Safe and Healthy

In the last few months as COVID took over, life as we know it changed. Globally, everyone has been impacted. Keeping the children in our care safe and healthy has always been our number one priority and now we were faced with new challenges. As the Philanthropy Coordinator for WHS, I had to quickly adjust […]

Foster Care from Anywhere – Virtual Orientations

As we continue to push through the Coronavirus pandemic, our lives are changing each and every day. Although there have been many changes as a result of Coronavirus, the need for loving foster care and adoptive parents has not changed and is ever increasing. That’s why we need you! Wolverine not only understands this need [...]

DIY Bee Hotel

Having bees visit your garden is great, getting them to stay is even better! We made this simple DIY Bee Hotel, a Bee B & B if you will, to provide a place for those hard workers to relax after a full day of pollinating. You might be wondering, why don’t the bees just return [...]

How to BEE Helpful to Pollinators

Bats, birds, butterflies, and bees are constantly working to pollinate our flowers and crops, making sure we have a successful harvest or beautiful yard. However, populations of some of these helpers are in sharp decline. Many factors are involved in this but the most detrimental include: pesticide use, diseases and parasites, and loss of food […]

Bee / Butterfly Bath

Pollinators need water to stay hydrated just like humans.  In fact, one hive can drink a quart of water per day. Bees are often attracted to swimming pools, buckets, or bird baths to drink, but often drown in the deep water. With a few household items, you can make a bee or butterfly bath for [...]

Wolverine Stands

As our country faces these very difficult times, we are often asking ourselves, “What can we do?” I appreciate the peaceful protesters that are trying to effect change. Our country has a very long, extensive list of civil unrest since the 1800s. I was 14 during the Detroit riots in 1967. My father being a […]

Seedpods at Core Orchards!

Earthworks is the Capuchin’s Urban Farm located in Detroit, MI. They were one of the first soup kitchens to utilize the “urban farm to soup kitchen table” model and are completely organic!
 The farm had a special email announcement for its subscribers in the first week of May. “Thanks to a generous donation from [...]

2020 Creating Hope Award Nominee

In February 2017, Bethany and James opened up their home and became a licensed foster home with Wolverine Human Services. In that time, they have fostered 10 children, adopted two and are currently fostering one.  Bethany and James are selfless and caring. They are always willing to help the children in their care however possible. […]

Journey to the Endzone

Christopher was at Pioneer Work and Learn Center for 6 months. He felt he was making poor decisions that led him off a different path that was allowing him to succeed. He is an amazing football player and just as he is resilient on the football field, Christopher dug deep and decided he wanted to […]

From Adoption to Fostering

James and Heather have been foster parents with Wolverine Human Services since July 2016. They first came to WHS because they wanted to ultimately adopt a child. Although that was the family’s goal, James and Heather have successfully fostered seven children. The family finalized their first adoption in March 2019. This family epitomizes what a […]


Mr. and Mrs. Worley’s adoption journey began with foster care as relative caregivers. In 2017, they picked up their nephew Leon from the hospital shortly after he was born. The family bonded quickly with Leon and Mr. and Mrs. Worley’s three daughters fell in love with him. Everyone in the home took turns playing with […]

We’re Proud to Serve Any Child, Any Parent, Any Time

Life can be difficult dealing with everyday ordeals. This rings particularly true for young people who deal with matters ranging from peer pressure to self-image along with other internal and external conflicts already in their lives. Struggling with self-identity and sexual orientation is no easy task in our modern society. While we have managed to […]

Meet the Strickland Family

Meet the Strickland family! They are a recent addition to the Wolverine Human Services care provider team. Like many others, the Stricklands have finally made it through the licensing process and are waiting to find a match! Why did you decide to become an adoptive parent? We wanted to have a son and we were […]

Advancing Excellence in Practice & Policy

Wolverine Human Services was able to attend the CWLA 2019 National Conference, Advancing Excellence in Practice & Policy: Meeting the Challenge of the Family First Prevention Services Act in Washington DC this year. The uniqueness of the CWLA National Conference is that it provides an opportunity for people from every state including: public and private providers from child […]

Creating Hope Award: Meet the Kilgore Family

James and Heather Kilgore have been foster parents with Wolverine Human Services since July 2016. Although their initial goal was to adopt, they remained open to becoming foster care providers. Since then, the Kilgore family has successfully fostered 4 children and finalized their first adoption this past March. Many agree that this family epitomizes what […]

Wolverine Human Services Partners With Salesforce To Revolutionize The Child Welfare Industry [PR Newswire]

Wolverine Human Services (WHS), Michigan’s largest child welfare agency,  has partnered with Salesforce to create Noble Child, the first cloud-based IT system to meet the data tracking needs of the entire child welfare industry. The child welfare industry is horrifically antiquated, using paper charting, siloed systems between agencies and local government bodies and inefficient forms of communication between all parties.  The United […]

Marco Kid’s Campaign

Marco Technologies, LLC is an IT Service Management Company dating back to 1973 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Four decades later, Marco has turned into one of the top five technology providers in the nation, serving customers nationally with core offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Missouri. One might wonder what […]

WHS and Core Orchards Team Up + Volunteer Opportunities

Wolverine Human Services and Core Orchards Team Up! During February, Core Orchards and the clients of Wolverine Human Services teamed up to make a delicious Caramel Apple Pizza for our New Year’s Resolution to post an apple recipe a week. The boys had a blast making this sweet dessert pizza and it was a valuable […]

CRM for nonprofits helps organization streamline work [Tech Target Network]

Wolverine Human Services’ adoption of the Nonprofit Cloud halved foster care licensing time and improved productivity within the agency. Many adoption and fostering agencies still use paper-and-pencil practices, making it easy for paperwork to fall between the cracks. A foster home cannot be licensed until all adults in the home complete the licensing process […]

January Update

NBC 25 Highlight Wolverine Human Services’ Vassar facility had the pleasure of being featured by NBC 25. Wolverine Human Services is dedicated to delivering rehabilitation services unlike any others found around the world. Whenever we have the chance to share this success with others, we view it as an opportunity to inspire change. Thank you […]

2018 WHS Annual Report

LETTER FROM THE CEO Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services! Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began WHS after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed […]

2018 WHS Annual Residential Report

LETTER FROM THE CEO Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services! Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began Wolverine after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed a […]

2018 WHS Annual Facilities Report

LETTER FROM THE CEO Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services! Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began WHS after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed […]

2018 WHS Annual CBP Report

LETTER FROM THE CEO Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services!Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began WHS after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed a […]

Troubled teens getting on the right track at Vassar facility [25News]

The holidays are behind us and for many, the warm memories are still with us as we move into the New Year. But for some, those memories would rather be forgotten with hopes 2019 will bring them ‘peace, joy and prosperity’.” For several hundred young men and women in Tuscola County, this was a very […]

Christmas in Vassar

This year, Christmas in Vassar started on December 8th when a semi-truck full to the brim with Christmas donations pulls up next to the gymnasium. Thanks to Operation Good Cheer, the children at Wolverine Human Services receive giant bags of Christmas Cheer each year. From there, our dedicated staff and volunteers unpack the donations into […]

Dreamforce 2018 Recap

Wolverine Human Services is always looking for ways to enhance the field of Child Welfare Services. In addition to our focus on our Mission and ability to implement new and exciting evidenced based approaches, we are also focused on enhancing the data management systems involved with our service provision. Wolverine Human Services began a strategic […]

Employee Turkey Giveaway

For 31 years, one of the many benefits of working for Wolverine Human Services has been the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey. As a young man, Robert E. Wollack worked as a butcher in New York. Back then, passing out Thanksgiving turkeys was what he did, and when Robert founded Wolverine Human Services, he was […]

New movie ‘Instant Family’ in theaters now collaborated with Michigan adoption firm [FOX 2 Detroit]

Just hitting theaters is a new film starring Mark Walhber and Rose Byrne that details the life of a couple who goes from no kids to three overnight through adoption — and film creators worked with a Michigan adoption agency. The new movie “Instant Family” collaborated with Wolverine Human Services is the largest foster care, adoption, and independent living […]

Changing a child’s future with Salesforce [Salesforce]

Wolverine Human Services, the largest child welfare and juvenile justice agency in Michigan, cares for the most vulnerable young people in the state. When a child is removed from their home because of abuse or neglect, the first stop is likely to be Wolverine. When a family wants to foster a child, they are often […]

31st Annual Last Chance Golf Outing Recap

This year’s Last Chance Golf Outing took place on Monday, September 24th. Although it was a chilly, rainy day, golfers from all over Michigan managed to bring the heat! Orchards Children’s Services and Joe Marvskin tied for first with a score of 60 and 3rd place was awarded to City Contracting. Paul Arnel walked away […]

Wolverine Human Services may venture into apple orchard business [Crain’s Detroit Business]

Nonprofit Wolverine Human Services is ready to try its hand in the apple orchard business. The Grosse Pointe Park-based organization wants to plant 3,500 apple trees on 11 acres of vacant land at Charlevoix and Lenox streets on Detroit’s east side. Wolverine submitted its request to purchase the 11 acres for Core Orchards to Detroit City Council. It is […]

Detroiters Celebrity Fowling Tournament Recap

Wolverine Human Services could not have asked for a better Saturday to host the Detroiters Celebrity Fowling Tournament in collaboration with Comedy Central! The fowling tournament took place at Sports and Social Detroit and Mike’s Pizza Bar, outside of Little Caesars Arena. Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, including Fresh Era, and Near Perfect […]

Program Spotlight: Victors Substance Abuse Treatment (VSAT) Program

Located in Detroit, MI, the Victors Substance Abuse Treatment (VSAT) Program is committed to facilitating recovery and wellness management skills for adolescent clients living with the challenges of cognitive impairment, and diagnosed with substance use or co-occurring disorders. The VSAT Program works to teach young men improved personal, family, and community functioning. The program is […]

31st Annual Awards & Scholarship Banquet

At this year’s Awards & Scholarship Banquet, we celebrated some truly remarkable individuals and families. We began the evening by honoring our Executive Team, Board of Trustees, and donors. We also recognized some of the community partnerships we have developed over the past year and their support of our mission. Following dinner, the awards and […]

Meet Ms. Breonna Thompson!

Meet Ms. Breonna Thompson! She has been with WHS for a little over a year working at our Clarence Fischer Center in Vassar. She enjoys working with kids for many reasons. First, working with kids goes along with what she is going to school for. It has always been a passion of hers to try […]

National Conference on Juvenile Justice Recap

Wolverine Human Services had the honor of attending the National Conference on Juvenile Justice from March 18th to the 21st in San Diego, California. Here, our representatives had the pleasure of speaking with judges, program directors, program managers, and administrators from across the nation. With more than 500 participants, faculty, exhibitors, and guests who attended […]

Teacher Appreciation Week: Meet Connie Loveland

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we would like to recognize Connie Loveland. Ms. Loveland is the Lead Teacher at Wolverine Growth and Recovery Center and has taught at the Wolverine Schools in Vassar for over 25 years. Ms. Loveland believes she is more of an asset working in this setting rather than a typical […]

Meet Mr. Anthony Ivey!

Meet Mr. Anthony Ivey! He has been with Wolverine for 1.5 years at our Pioneer Work and Learn site working with the male population. He enjoys working with kids because it makes him a better communicator. Learning how to work with our youth has helped him grow in many ways, including raising his own son […]

Apple trees planted for urban orchard in Detroit [The Detroit News]

Detroit — Officials of Wolverine Human Services, a children center on the city’s east side, were watching the once-thriving Riverbend neighborhood slowly become deserted after Carson Elementary closed in 2014. So they launched an agricultural effort, Core Orchard Detroit, to bring the area back to life. “We knew we had to get to work. We thought […]

Nonprofit plants 300 apple trees to establish Detroit orchard [Crain’s Detroit Business]

In the first step of a grand plan to establish a commercial orchard in Detroit, more than 100 volunteers Friday will plant 300 Honeycrisp apple trees on vacant land on the city’s east side. Grosse Pointe Park-based nonprofit Wolverine Human Services has invested $150,000 to plant the trees at 2610 Lenox St., near Dickerson and […]

Congrats, Diamond!

Diamond came to WHS after getting in trouble and spending time with the wrong group of friends. Diamond struggled in her program at first, but today, she is a high school graduate who will be attending Henry Ford Community College in the fall. Diamond plans to earn her Associates Degree in Nursing and then transfer […]

Meet Brooke Moore

Brooke Moore started her job as a Transition Coordinator in the Fall of 2016. Her favorite part about her job is seeing the change in the kids as they work through the process. She loves when the kids see that they can have a future and that they are NOT their past. Her wish is […]

Meet Sarah Diegel

Sarah Diegel just had her 3-year anniversary at WHS. She is a transition teacher at Clarence Fischer Center. Some things Sarah teaches are Life Skills, Money Management, Cooking, Housing, and how to interview for a job. She loves hearing from students after they leave WHS. She hears from at least one person every month about […]

Meet Mr. John Lee

Mr. John Lee has been with WHS almost 13 years. He has 3 grown sons and loves his job. His favorite thing is “working with these fellows.” He takes great pride in teaching them how to be accountable, keeping them safe and teaching them the 7 principles: Reality, Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Negotiation, Education and Love. […]

WHS Annual Report 2017

Hello and Welcome to Wolverine Human Services! Since 1987, Wolverine Human Services has become the largest child welfare agency providing treatment services to children and families of Michigan. Our Founder, Robert E. Wollack, MSW, began Wolverine after working in a variety of settings. Through his research and experience, Robert developed a treatment model which he […]

Michigan has need for mental health workers [Crain’s Detroit Business]

At a time when our nation seeks common ground of agreement, versus planting the flag of “R” or “D” on “won” turf, do we really need to look any further than gun violence, anxiety and depression, income inequality, the opioid crisis or racial injustice? Solutions are necessary for our entire nation now, and the timing […]

Social Workers: Leaders. Advocates. Champions

Every year, the month of March has been designated by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) as National Social Work Month.  During this designated month, social workers are highlighted and celebrated by communities and agencies for the dedication, commitment, and hard work that social workers exhibit every day.  This year, the NASW has themed […]

Program Spotlight: Wolverine Center Victors Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Victors Substance Abuse Treatment (VSAT) Program is committed to facilitating recovery and wellness management skills for adolescent clients living with the challenges of cognitive impairment, and diagnosed with substance use or co-occurring disorders. The VSAT Program works to teach young men improved personal and community functioning. Program Description: Non-Secure, residential substance use disorder treatment for […]

Antonio and Jayelin’s Graduation

On Friday, February 23rd, Antonio and Jayelin earned their high school diploma and GED. Congratulations to Antonio and Jayelin and we wish you the best in the future! Jayelin’s story is especially unique as he was given the opportunity to leave WHS, however since he was close to earning his GED, he chose to stay an […]

Treatment Spotlight: Wolverine Growth & Recovery Vassar Shelter Program

In January 2018, Wolverine Human Services opened the WGRC Vassar Shelter Program, which is short term emergency programming for male clients age 12-17.  The WGRC Vassar Shelter Program strives to provide assessment, placement planning, crisis intervention, and short-term treatment to young men who are in a state of transition due to removal from home or […]

Alexis’ Graduation

On Friday, January 19th, WHS celebrated the high school graduation of Alexis. Congratulations Alexis! Alexis graduated from CFC School on January 19, 2018, and she demonstrated with her educational success she was able to think critically and to learn the material thoroughly.  She was dedicated to working hard on her classes.  Her positive character was […]

Meet Ms. Denita Rider!

She has been employed with WHS for 1.5 years as a Youth Care Worker at our Wolverine Growth and Recovery Center. She chose to work at Wolverine because she knew she wanted to work with kids. Working with our youth has helped her to grow as a person and bring out her leadership skills. For […]

Torrent Consulting & WHS

Although Torrent Consulting did not officially launch until 2012, Daniel McCollum and Phil Brabbs began their journey 7 years earlier. Their partnership started as a friendship between two recent college graduates with a similar dream for change. Both Daniel and Phil worked a variety of jobs post-graduation. However, they found corporate work to be dissatisfying. […]

Meet Mr. Michael Clark!

He has been with Wolverine since July 2002. Mr. Clark is what we would call a well-seasoned youth care worker at our Wolverine Growth and Recovery Center! He enjoys working at Wolverine because it makes him feel good to help troubled children. Mr. Clark likes working with our youth because he believes too many young […]

WHS Annual Report 2016

Dear Wolverine Friends and Supporters, It is always a busy and exciting year when in the last year Wolverine Human Services served 1200 youth. In foster care and adoptions we achieved a 100% success rate and in residential 89.36% success rate on completions of our programs. We are very proud to be celebrating our 30th […]

Dreamforce: Disney World for Business Innovators

The magical experience that a child feels during their first time at Disney World is filled with characters to meet, things to see, rides to enjoy, and a feeling of overwhelming excitement. Similar to the way that a trip to Disney World can be life changing for a child, Dreamforce is that experience for today’s […]

Operation Good Cheer

For 46 years, Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. has been bringing holiday joy to children and families throughout Michigan through Operation Good Cheer. Initially designed to provide gifts to children in foster care during the holiday season, Operation Good Cheer has since expanded to give gifts to children in residential care and to […]

Turkey Distribution & Comcast Sign-Up

On Monday, November 20th, WHS employees and volunteers distributed 60 turkeys and over 90 Forgotten Harvest Food Boxes to members of our local community in Detroit. Our neighbors also had the opportunity to sign up for the Comcast Internet Essentials program. One lucky community member even won a laptop from Comcast!  

The Butler Family Story

A family pulling together is sometimes what it takes.  Mr. Butler, a single male…never married and no children had no responsibility but himself until his 3 great nieces and 2 great nephews came into care.  He stepped up to the plate and quickly became a natural.  The road has never been easy but he has […]

Meet Mr. Scott Gardner!

He has been with WHS for 18 years now. He has had multiple positions from youth care worker, to “meat cutting work study coordinator,” and is currently an HR clerk in our Vassar office. He enjoys working at Wolverine because it has been both challenging and rewarding for him. Working with the youth can be […]

National Gotcha’ Month!!

Blood alone does not define a family.  November has been designated as National Adoption Month.  In Michigan, this year the 21st of November has been designated as Adoption Day.  Many courts, counties and adoption agencies celebrate creating “Forever Families”.  What is a “Forever Family?”  A “Forever Family” means permanent.  It means that no matter what […]

Meet Mrs. Diaroyce Humphrey!

She has been with Wolverine for 2 years now. Mrs. Humphrey started as a transporter, then became a secretary, and is now an administrative assistant in our Vassar HR office. She enjoys working at Wolverine because she enjoys helping people. She started out helping our youth, and now she is helping our applicants and employees. […]

WHS Cardboard VR Viewers + 360 Tours!

Virtual Reality or 360 degree videos are super cool right now. Why? Because they are able to transport you to anywhere in the world, and sometimes out of this world (Google just launched their first VR video on Mars in conjunction with NASA). How does this have anything to do with Wolverine Human Services?  Well, […]

Revolutionizing Child Welfare Through Salesforce

What is Dreamforce? Dreamforce is an annual user conference hosted by in downtown San Francisco. The conference brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of IT professionals. Dreamforce is an opportunity to get hands-on with the latest product innovations and learn from the 170,000 Trailblazers using the platform. With 2,700+ informational sessions to help […]

Why we continue to increase care provider leads, as other agencies struggle.

Let’s start with the basics.  What is a care-provider? In the world of child-welfare, a care-provider is person that is a foster or adoptive parent, also those that provide teen support services (Independent Living and Voluntary Adult Foster Care).   Why does Wolverine recruit care-providers? It is part of our contract with the Department of Health and Human Services. We are […]

State of the Agency

Wolverine Human Services culminated its 30th Anniversary Year with the State of the Agency held on Thursday, October 19th. It was a wonderful day of celebrating 30 years of Wolverine Human Services and all of the staff who are Helping Children to be Victors. Congratulations to all of the Staff of the Year Winners! Watch […]

Last Chance Golf Outing

On Monday, September 18th, Wolverine Human Services hosted its 30th Anniversary Last Chance Golf Outing at The University of Michigan Golf Course. Over 120 golfers came out to enjoy a great game of golf, food, drinks, and raffle prizes! It was a wonderful day celebrating 30 years of Helping Children to be Victors and raising […]

Congrats Kyle K!

Kyle K. recently graduated from the CFC/WCARE school of the PWL campus with a Vassar Public Schools high school diploma.   He achieved this milestone through his hard work  and dedication by working extra hours on his studies, staying back after school and during gym class.  His goal after high school is to attend Job Corps […]

Congrats Adrian M!

Adrian M. recently obtained his GED at the CFC/WCARE school of the PWL campus.  At the GED celebration, he gave an outstanding speech to his family, peers, therapists, and teachers.  He thanked WCARE Therapists, Wolverine Staff, Vassar School Staff, and family for helping and guiding him to reach this big milestone.  His goal is to […]

Meet Mr. Louis Johnson

He has been with Wolverine for 16 years and is currently an Intake Specialist in our medical building. He likes working at Wolverine because he loves working with our youth. He enjoys working with kids because he likes to see their reactions and enjoyment they experience. When asked what his favorite part of the job […]

Our newest Vassar graduate, Paris C!

Our newest Vassar graduate, Paris C., came to us with 17.5 credits and told us  that she is going to finish school here at Vassar House.  She put her determination to work and achieved her goal working full-time all spring and summer.  Her future plans are to go to SVSU and study political science or […]

Meet Nicholas Brittain!

Meet Mr. Nicholas Brittain! He has been working at WHS for 16 years and is currently an SST (safety and support team member) at WGRC, our Wolverine Growth and Recovery Center. Brittain enjoys working at Wolverine because every day is different. There are always different obstacles he faces with the youth, he enjoys the day […]

Meet Demetric Gray!

Meet Demetric Gray! He is a senior youth care worker at the Wolverine Center. Mr. Gray has been employed with Wolverine Human Services for the past 12 years. He believes that working at the Wolverine Center helps make a difference in these kid’s lives. He enjoys being an individual who the youth can lean on […]

Vassar Graduations

On August 16th, 2017, Wolverine Human Services celebrated its largest graduation to date at the Vassar Residential Facility. WHS had four clients graduate with high school diplomas and two clients earn their GED’s! It was an exciting day for the graduates, their families, and to the WHS staff who made this all possible. Congratulations to […]

Wolverine Human Services 30th Family Picnic at the Detroit Zoo

Over 500 Wolverine Human Services staff, foster families, and adoptive families had a great day at the Detroit Zoo while celebrating 30 years of Helping Children to be Victors! WHS families enjoyed a BBQ lunch, face painting, stuffed animal prizes, and of course, the zoo!

Meet Mr. Reynero!

He has been employed here at Wolverine for 3 years now. He is currently a youth care worker working with our girls at Vassar House. Mr. Reynero enjoys working at Wolverine because of the youth and the staff he works with. He enjoys working with our clients because he has a lot of younger nieces […]

Dixon-Taylor Family Interview

Background on the family: Lori Dixon and Shelly Taylor have been a couple for almost a decade Together, the couple has fostered eleven children and adopted three of them Lori had four kids from a previous marriage What made you decide to become a foster parent? Since Lori had four kids from her previous marriage, […]

Not the Same Wolverine

Wolverine Human Services has always been on the cutting edge of providing effective services for the children of Michigan and now the country.  That’s a pretty bold statement to make, but the truth is, since 1987, Wolverine has grown faster, with the most diverse programs to meet the needs of kids and with the most […]

Talking with Tom: Fatherhood

To the Men that wake up every day- hit the grind – and set example for the young eyes ever watching To those that found a way to love others more than self To the Men that come home at night – deciding not to chase the easy thing – honor commitments -work hard – […]

Strategic Thinking – Introduction: Investing in the Future Generation

In my new role as Vice President of Strategic Development for Wolverine Human Services, I am excited to share my insights on the way we think about,  assess and plan our future initiatives. More importantly, I will share and provide insight on our resulting real-world application. My larger understanding of strategic thinking is based on […]

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why”

It was recommended to me by parents of adolescents and I had heard some media reports about concerns expressed by parents. Let me give you Thirteen Reasons to watch this series: I feel it does not dramatize or romanticize suicide in any way. It tells a story of why this young lady felt suicide was […]

Tye’Reyce is Graduating!

Tye’Reyce Fuller will be graduating on May 1st from Wolverine Education Center. Approximately three months ago Tye’Reyce told me he would like to graduate from our school and go on to college. Tye’Reyce has a great work ethic and would come in to my class during his lunch hour to work on his classes. Tye’Reyce […]

Meet Equayvis Moten

Meet Equayvis Moten, he has been employed here at WHS for 18 months as a youth care worker. You can find him at our Wolverine Secure Treatment Center. Mr. Moten enjoys working at WHS because he feels accomplished everyday he leaves work, he feels like the clients listen to him and he has a strong […]

20 years of service, we truly appreciate Douglas Grew!

Meet Douglas Grew, he has been employed with Wolverine for 20 years and is currently a Case Manager at our Wolverine Secure Treatment Center. Mr. Grew enjoys working with kids because he feels he can make a difference with them, he recalls working with a former employee talking about how you have to love what […]

Join Us At The WHS 30th Anniversary Banquet

WHS 30th Anniversary Banquet Fri, March 31, 2017 – 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM Detroit Athletic Club – 241 Madison Ave. Detroit, MI 48226 Buy Tickets 30 years of being active in the community and helping children become victors is something that we are extremely proud of. Come celebrate with us by helping us honor […]

The progress that our kids make is a reflection of us…

Kara came to life skills on November 28, 2016 just a few short credits from graduation. Within a few short months she has finished her classes and received the remaining credits and will graduate on February 22, 2017.  While she has been in Life-Skills, Kara has shown leadership skills and a determination that outshines her […]

The Buerky Family

“So many kids need loving homes and we want to make a difference in a child’s life.” #createanewfamily Travis and Anna Buerky joined our Wolverine family in June of 2016.  They stated that they became foster parents because, “So many kids need loving homes and we want to make a difference in a child’s life.” […]

5 Young Ladies From CFC Give Back

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” -Pablo Picasso- Over the holidays Mrs. Diegel and Mrs. Bristol took 5 young ladies from CFC over to Sebewaing to volunteer in a Caring and Sharing project. Each year, the project (hosted at Trinity United Methodist Church) […]

Meet Derrick Lee

“I like working for the youth and providing them with something that I did not receive as a child” Mr. Derrick Lee has been at WHS since the end of last year as a Youth Care Worker at WGRC. Lee likes working at Wolverine because he likes to work with youth and do things for […]

Meet Stephanie King

We value those people who are on the front lines every single day helping our youth to become victors and we love telling their stories “I am able to assist the youth and help rehabilitate them and focus on their life goals.” – Stephanie King Stephanie King has been at WHS for 1 year and is […]

Single Mother of Four Opens her Home to Foster a Child

As a new Wolverine Human Services’ foster parent, Maria Foote has created a new family when she became a licensed Wolverine Human Services foster parent on October 31, 2016. Ms. Foote is a single parent with four birth children. She stated “I love kids” and has added a foster child to her family. She stated […]

Create A New Family

April and James Ceno, created a new family when they joined our Wolverine family as foster parents on 10/26/16.  April said she has always wanted to be a foster parent and her husband “shared her passion” for fostering children who need a home.  They have been enjoying fostering and “The greatest joy has come from […]

Camp 2 Gives Back

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” – Jim Rohn We decided at Camp 2 that we wanted to focus our time and money towards a local family in Vassar. Mrs. Grigg was able to chat with the social worker at the high school to find someone who is […]

Wolverine Alternative Education’s Veterans’ Project

Students at Principal Wolverine Alternative Education completed their veterans’ project last week.  A total of 15 boxes were packed and sent out to local military men and women who are stationed overseas for the holiday.  The project began early this fall when students participated in the local farmer’s market, where they sold homemade caramel corn […]

Meet Jasmine Anderson

Meet Jasmine Anderson, she has been employed at WHS for 2 ½ years as a youth care worker. You can find her working with our girls at Vassar House. She enjoys working here and helping the girls to get on a better track. Anderson likes working with the youth because she believes if you can […]

Our Walking Taco Fundraiser

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal” – Steve Maraboli This year Vassar House raised $310.00 from our Walking Taco fundraiser. Our students baked desserts to sell along with the tacos. We also collected pop bottles all year, and raised $127.00 from that.  After doing a presentation at The Vassar […]

Meet Carson Atkins

Meet Carson Atkins, he has been employed by WHS for 17 months now. His position is in general support as a transporter. You can find him in the security booth between runs when he works. He enjoys working at WHS because he likes being able to make a difference in the youth’s life, even if […]

“Adoption is another word for love”

Having a strong and loving foundation are just some of the ingredients that make Mr. and Mrs. Hearndon great parents.  Every step of the way Mr. and Mrs. Hearndon have provided nothing but their best efforts towards the goal of adoption for their relatives.  They have taken on the extra responsibility of two small children […]

Thanksgiving Feast

Pioneer Work and Learn Life Skill students prepared their own family style thanksgiving feast this season.  Each group took a turn spending half of their school day in the kitchen with Mrs. Atwood preparing their turkey and side dishes from start to finish.  Students did a great job tasting new dishes like squash and green […]

The McMullin Family

Making a difference in the life of a child is what it all about.  Working in child welfare you encounter so many different families, all unique in their own way.  I was fortunate enough to become the Adoption Specialist for the McMullin family!  The McMullins had become foster parents to twin boys that had been […]

Our Passion Is Finding Great Families

Constance Parks is the grandmother and now adoptive parent of Malachi, Marcus, and Mikyah. This adoption holds a special place for me because I personally witnessed and also read about all of the barriers Ms. Parks had to overcome in order to adopt her grandchildren. When I first met her, she had overcome some of […]

Wolverine In The Community

Through noticing a request from WNEM TV5 website asking for help for a woman who was physically unable to move on her own. We reached out to see how we could help.  Our staff and kids volunteered 9 hours of their day to make sure someone else’s life was made easier.  Sometimes hearing the call […]

Meet Elonda Duncan

“If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different than the world” – Elaine Dolton Elonda Duncan has been a part of the Wolverine family for two years as a Senior Youth Care Worker. Working with the youth and teaching them social-living skills is something she is passionate about and believes […]

Adoption Month is not just about “them” it is about all of us

Imagine a world where 22,000 18 year olds roam the streets without a stable place to live? Well that world currently exists and in 2014, those 22,000 teenagers aged out of the foster care system with no place to go.  These are the statistics that are difficult to look at and with the start of […]

Win a 5 Night Trip To Cabo!

Could you use a 5 night all expenses paid trip to Cabos? Imagine 34 swim-up suites, 12 restaurants a Luxury Spa and Salon and a drink in hand. Now join our Crowdrise Campaign by clicking here and selecting ‘Fundraise for This Campaign’ then share it with your friends on your social media to help us raise […]

A Look Inside: Vassar’s Wolverine Human Services Heads into 30th Year [Tuscola Today]

Chuck Fabbro is driven to give it his best every day at work because of what happened when he went home for lunch one day, years ago. Fabbro, principal of education at Wolverine Human Services Inc. in Vassar, said he was making a sandwich and someone knocked on his inside garage door. He thought it […]

Bullying: Signs and Symptoms From a Youth Perspective

October is “Bullying Awareness Month”, celebrated by SAMSHA. The presentation was a youth led presentation that focuses on the awareness of bullying. The presentation started of by breaking down how bullying just doesn’t start when a youth reaches high school; it starts when they are younger in elementary. Some individuals think that kids are just […]

Nothing temporary about the love or the lesson

“As a Community Liaison in the Care Provider Community Services Department, I do not usually meet the clients that I am helping to become licensed foster parents. However, I talk to them by telephone or email on a weekly basis and get to know them fairly well. Not too long after I started, I was […]


Give Detroit Challenge! We’re really excited to let you know that we’re a part of the Give Detroit Challenge. It’s a fundraising campaign launched by Hour Detroit where organizations in Southeastern Michigan compete to raise the most money with the top team winning a grand prize cash donation of $20,000. It has started and a […]

Meet Ms. Leah Hoyt

Ms. Leah Hoyt is a Youth Care Worker who has worked for Wolverine Human Services for 2 ½ years. Her daily routine involves waking the youth up in the morning, getting them ready for school. Leah enjoys helping our youth better their lives while also gaining valuable experience in the field. One thing that Leah […]

Congrats Kindall H!

I will start off with a quote by Ralph Ellison: “Education is all a matter of building bridges.”  Today, Kindall H. has built a bridge to college by earning his high school diploma.  He has reached a big milestone today as he has completed the requirements for the high school diploma.  He endlessly worked hard […]

A Trip To Grondins College of Cosmetology

A few selected girls were able to attend an outing to Grondins College of Cosmetology in Lapeer. These girls were indulged with a hair trim and style along with a manicure. The girls were chosen based on positive behaviors and overall progress throughout their treatment and program. This group had a fabulous time being pampered […]

Officially Announcing “The Unsung Hero” Partnership with Michigan Athletics!

“Wolverine Human Services is proud to announce our new “Unsung Hero” partnership with Michigan Athletics. In sports, there is often an unrecognized athlete, one you would least expect that makes the biggest contribution to a winning team. This athlete isn’t doing it for the attention or accolades, but because helping their team win is more […]

Preparing Your Biological Child for an Adopted Sibling

You made the decision to adopt and your spouse or significant other is on board…but what about your biological children? Children can become jealous even when their parent is pregnant with another child so explaining the adoption process and how to be accepting of a new sibling is not easy but it can and has […]

I’m Angry, what does that mean?

Here at Wolverine Human Services our trained therapists work tirelessly to increase the emotional intelligence of our clients. How? Teach adolescent clients effective language to identify verbalize and communicate their emotions to others Incorporating the Emotions Chart to teach behavior skills that help children better perceive, reason, manage and understand emotions Through our partnership with […]

Tie Dye T-shirts with Frankenmuth United Methodist Church

The Vassar House girls tie dyed t-shirts with Frankenmuth United Methodist Church on August 14th and 15th. The girls really enjoyed the Church members coming out and spending their afternoon with them to tie dye shirts. The Church members first started with a short bible study. Many of these girls have never tie dyed before […]

Teaching Tolerance

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”… These are powerful words that children recite in classrooms all over the world. After reciting these words, how do you then answer the questions […]

Sorting Items and Stock Shelves at Saginaw ReSale Shop Under the Rainbow

Clients enjoyed giving back. The manager of the Store spoke with clients briefly about the work they do helping women who have been in a bad situation. It was great to be able to put the girls in a situation where they could see that maybe their past isn’t as bad as it could be. […]

Vassar RiverFest

The Vassar Riverfest is an annual festival held in downtown Vassar in and around the Cass River. The festival activities include a large car show, farmer’s market, live music all weekend, hot air balloons, craft show, mud bog, gospel revival, lumberjack breakfast, tons of children games, canoe races, cardboard regatta races. Wolverine is involved with […]

Trip to the Tigers Game

6 clients from WGRC, PWLC and Vassar House and 6 staff went to a Tigers game as a reward for volunteering for community service. Tickets donated by Detroit Tigers Foundation and Pepsi. Definitely a pitching matchup with (Tigers) Anibal Sanchez going 8 innings and only allowing 1 run. (Mets) Jacob DeGrom went 6.2 innings also […]

Vassar Community Pride Day

Vassar Community Pride Day was held on July 23, 2016 9am to 1pm at Riverbank near City Hall. For the last 22 years, the Vassar Police Department and Wolverine Human Services have worked together with the Vassar Parks and Recreation committee to beautify and enhance the City of Vassar. This year we cleaned the river […]

Vassar Community Picnic

This is the 9th annual Vassar Community Party held at Harper Park.  The committee is made up of life long Vassar residents who share the desire to bring Vassar families/residents together for a fun alcohol free picnic with lots of food, music and children’s games.  People bring dishes to pass, water and soft drinks are […]

100 Women Who Care – The Dinner

In January, Mrs. Michelle Atwood and Kathy Mroz presented a grant proposal to a 100 Women Who Care on behalf of Pioneer Work and Learns Camp 1. The group is comprised of a 100 local women, who each make a special contribution of $100 four times throughout the year to worthy community projects. The women […]

Running Club

I am proud to announce the pilot formation of the Pioneer Running Club at PWLC in Vassar. It is a group that will offer opportunities to clients to learn about healthy living and exercise through running. Clients must apply to join, and they have to meet and maintain certain criteria to participate. Practice will be […]

The 29th Annual Awards Banquet Recap

The 29th Annual Awards Banquet took place at Ford Field this year. On April 15th, over 250 people joined Wolverine to celebrate our children and families under the theme “Teach a Man to Fish”. This year’s theme came from Rick Williams and Naturel, national artists, who painted a mural entitled “Teach a Man to Fish” […]

What is AACFA?

In 1995, the Association of Accredited Child and Family Agencies (AACFA), was founded. The association brings together organizations and agencies across the state that share similar policy aspirations for the children and family of Michigan. AACFA believes that Michigan’s children and families should be receiving the appropriate care and treatment for the needs often associated […]

100 Women Who Care

Tuscola Intermediate School District teacher Shelly Atwood and school social worker Kathy Mroz applied for and received a grant from the Mid Michigan Chapter of A 100 Woman Who Care. This grant is for $10,500. The money will be used for our life skills apartment on Camp 1. We will be purchasing a new washer, […]

Introducing Michigan Counseling Centers!

On February 16th, Wolverine Human Services celebrated the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at our newest program!   Michigan Counseling Centers has opened its doors in north Bloomfield Hills on Woodward Ave. We welcomed over 70 guests to our Grand Opening, including supporters from Hour Magazine, Daly Merritt Insurance,, and Right-Size Facility Performance. […]

Meet Our Intern Briana!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Shelby!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Toycia!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Jesse!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Dave!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Camille!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Amal!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Meet Our Intern Alaa!

We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. Are you interested in an internship with […]

Land Beautification

In early January, DuRussell Excavating and the Wolverine Human Services work crew led by Todd Averill began some major beautification on our Vassar Campus, specifically at the Pioneer Work and Learn Center. With some heavy machinery and some hard work, the campus will have better drainage; rather than a low-lying ditch, the site will have […]

“Small” Gifts and our Point Store

From time to time, we hear our community supporters say, “My $5 doesn’t mean much!” and “You can’t really do anything with a $10 donation.” Well, that’s not true. For one thing, the success of our past fundraising campaigns, like #GivingTuesday, was built on $10 and $25 donations. For another thing, our clients and families […]

Congratulations, Steven!

Throughout all of Wolverine, our clients are working on their education. It’s one of the Seven Principles that guide our work with the kids. Wolverine partners with public, charter, and secondary schools to provide clients the ability to work towards their educational goals at every level. Whether it’s credit recovery, graduating with a High School […]

The Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis. What can I say that you haven’t already heard? Discussion of this topic is everywhere and constant. Politicians, actors, athletes, clergy, and everyone who I know is talking about it. I have been in meetings about it, listened to numerous reports and thoughts on it, and still I am very distressed […]

Heck yes, let’s meet Lynne Yeck!!

Lynne Yeck believes strongly that all children can be victors, given the right tools and support. She has been an amazing gift to Wolverine and our clients for the past 16 years. Currently, she is serving children as the Executive Assistant and holds the position as Christmas season TOP ELF for the Wolverine Northern Campuses […]

Santa is here!!

On Dec 22nd, we hosted a holiday party for our Vassar clients in care!! The holidays can be a tough time for many of our kids. Being separated from family brings up many challenging emotions, and our staff work extra hard during this time to find moments of connection and support with each client. We […]

WHS Annual Report 2015

Dear Friends, It has been another exciting year at Wolverine Human Services! We are proud of our many accomplishments: maintaining a balanced budget, celebrating with 13 GED recipients and 18 high school graduates, and welcoming 1,194 youth who passed through our doors. We are always filled with joy when we see our children move into […]

Meet the Wilk Family!

Families sometimes encounter sad and unfortunate events that leave those behind heart broken and sad. When a wonderful woman named Allison passed away, she left behind her two loving parents and young son, Jonathon. Throughout this family’s tragedy, Mr. and Mrs. Wilk stayed strong for their grandson. They wanted to give him the best, most […]

Meet the Whiteside Family

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 I have had the privilege of working with April Whiteside and Reverend Mable Allen since February 2015. Ms. Whiteside and Reverend Allen have been […]

Meet the Godlaski Family!

Matthew and Christine Godlaski had two daughters and a small house when they learned that their four nieces needed a new loving home. They feared that their nieces, Paris, Kirstin, Joccelyn, and Gabrielle, would be split into different homes with different families. Sadly, it happens sometimes that sibling groups get separated in the process of […]

Meet the Taylor-Dixon Family!

The word “family” can mean many different things, and the most important ingredient for a family is love. I got to know Ms. Dixon and Ms. Taylor during the licensing process, when they attended our parent training sessions. They always exhibited a happy, positive, family-oriented attitude during these sessions, which was a pleasure to experience. […]

Evidence-Based Treatment for Michigan’s Children: What Are We Doing?

CBT is EBP at WHS We’ve been talking about it, but here’s what’s really been going on… We have been talking about it, meeting about it, reading about it, training about it, measuring it, collaborating on it, and even bragging about it. So what is different and what do the acronyms actually mean when it […]

Raise the Age: Juvenile Justice Movement in Michigan

Maybe you’re wondering: “Raise the Age” for what? Not the driving age, not drinking for teens, not collecting social security benefits for seniors. Shockingly, we’re debating keeping Michigan’s children separated from convicted adult criminals. In our state, it is finally time to Raise the Age and keep 17 year-olds from entering our adult criminal justice […]

Talking with Tom: Dancing

I had the pleasure of spending time with family on vacation this summer. As we walked along the shops of the shoreline we heard music playing in a little park. A sizeable crowd had gathered near a community band shell – drawn to the music, we soon joined. Several sat, stood, clapped, and sang to […]

Fair Fighting Foibles: Part II

Welcome back. Did you manage to reduce the FAIR FIGHTING foibles you used last month? Last month I discovered that we often miscommunicate in so many different ways; it took 2 blogs to exhaust myself on the topic. We previously discussed the following foibles: interrupting, displacing, you, rehashing, timing, excuse-making, stop listening and denying/minimizing. I […]

Stepping Up at Wolverine Human Services

As workplace wellness programs are becoming more widespread, Wolverine Human Services decided it would be a great idea to get with the trend and start a Step Program in the workplace. The goal of this program was to have happier and more productive employees. Employees are a valuable asset to the success of Wolverine, and […]

Fair Fighting Foibles-Part I

As adolescent residential program providers, we see young people mishandle communication every day. We shake our heads at the silly misunderstandings and hurt feelings turned aggressive that “could have been handled differently”. WHS programs teach teen’s better and more effective ways to interact and communicate with others. All of the WHS residential programs engage in […]

Calling all families!!

Please join us as we celebrate our foster, adoptive, and independent living families!! Have you ever thought about welcoming a child into your home? This event is for you too!!

Helping Children to be Victors: Any Child, Any Parent, Any Time

Do you speak out, take a stand, or not? It is always hard to make that decision, especially when you are a large child welfare agency serving our state. At Wolverine, we have been able to find the answer more easily by simply going back and reading our mission statement: “Helping Children to be Victors.” […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about the “Last Chance!” Golf Outing!

Why is it called the “Last Chance!” Golf Outing? Every year, we host our Golf Outing in September when golf season is winding down. Our event is your “last chance!” to get in a game before the end of the season! How many years have you been doing the “Last Chance!” Golf Outing? This will […]

Talking with Tom: Any child. Any parent. Any time.

“Child” When I was born, you saw beauty When I walked, you were amazed When I spoke, you grew proud Yet when I loved…I became alone   Many of the children that enter into Michigan’s child welfare system have had family, friends, and society turn their backs on them. This is even more so true […]

Talking with Tom: Father’s Day

As we approach Father’s Day, I am thinking of my father that died 30 years ago—and the man who became my Father through marriage. I think of those Fathers, Uncles, Mentors, and Peers that have helped me to become “me.” Yes…I am flawed in many ways – yet I am stronger due their guidance and […]

Field Notes from Residential Services: Gender Specific Programming

Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has operated residential programs for the past 27+ years, but on October 10, 2008 we opened our first non-secure residential program for females. Vassar House was originally established to serve females that experienced substance abuse disorders. We quickly discovered that the demand for gender specific services was rapidly growing in the […]


Wolverine Human Services Proudly Welcomes… PRIDE!! WHS has been working very actively over the past few years to increase our community involvement and information sharing. From the sidelines, I’ve watched the agency website grow from a ‘yellow pages’ ad to a comprehensive, dynamic, multi-faceted, community-oriented and, yes, interesting ‘user manual’ for the agency’s supporters, staff, […]

A Word on Public Facilities

The closure or non-closure of a public secure residential facility comes down to two essential issues: Are there services available to the youth that are being placed at public secure residential facilities elsewhere in Michigan; and, is the cost of maintaining public secure residential facilities an appropriate use of public funds? The answer to the […]

Talking with Tom: Stability

As Stable as an Old Oak Chair As summer approaches, I am discovering how dirty my front porch has become – it is now time to do my spring cleaning! I found leaves left over from the season before and water marks on concrete where snow had melted. My dog soon discovered an abandoned nest […]

Potholes, Children, and Budgets

Life in Michigan is about to get interesting again, especially in regards to the budget and our roads. I was at an Orchards Children’s Services event last week, and President and CEO, Michael Williams, asked us to think about our Michigan children as potholes. I thought this was really profound and did just that. We […]

Emotions Language: What Language Do You Speak?

Do you speak ‘feelings’ as a second language? Are you fluent in expression of anger, frustration, or worry? Many of us are not! Do I blow up and yell when angry, or do I shut down and stop talking? Do I name call and blame others? Do I feel guilty about and avoid conflicts? Do […]

Don’t cry…

The world tells our boys, “Do not show emotion.” “big boys don’t cry” “act like a man” “don’t be a girl” “never let them see you cry” But what message are we actually telling our young men? Could we in fact be robbing the person from having the ability to truly emphasize with others? One […]

Clinical Care: What is NSSI All About??

Understanding Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI) Behavior of Young People Wolverine Human Services has been working avidly to remain innovative and informed about each generation of young people that we serve. Since the national financial crisis of 2008, our population of clients and the challenges they are presented with have changed significantly. The young people being […]

The Problems with Gov. Snyder’s Newest Budget Recommendations

Late last month, Governor Snyder’s budget recommendations were released. The private sector was very disappointed to see the recommendations of a $3.00 reduction to the foster care rate, a decrease of 2% to residential services (following an increase in the fall of 2014), and a reduction in adoption subsidies. Private agencies rely on government funding […]

Exciting Changes in Michigan’s Child Welfare System

As we move into the new year with the Synder Administration, there are changes that will occur in our field of service. The governor has signed an executive order to appoint Nick Lyon as the Director of the newly formed Department of Health and Human Services, and within the new Department created the Michigan Children’s […]

Talking with Tom: National Reading Month!

March is National Reading Month! Let’s celebrate with our children (young and old) as they explore their voyage of imagination, growth, and adventure! Raising Readers: Our job as care providers, parents, mentors, family and friends is not complicated…we must simply show them the way! Helpful pointers: Begin reading activities at home. Don’t worry about age: […]

Field Notes from Residential Services: CBT Implementation

Wolverine Human Services (WHS) continues to move forward in our 5-year plan to become the first and only residential juvenile justice agency accredited in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)! On March 9th we will launch into the staff development phase of CBT training, in partnership with the Beck Institute and the University of Indiana. Representatives from […]

Clinical Care: Working with the GOOD Kids!

OH–YOU WORK WITH THOSE “GOOD” KIDS!! The WHS Youth Upload Giving Voice to Young People with stories to share of courage, survival and recovery; Debunking and demystifying stigma about our clients Allowing healing and learning through story-telling and creative expression Continuing the human connection of resiliency and healing Wolverine Human Services is known throughout the […]

Talking with Tom: On That Day

Recently, a colleague approached me regarding current events, this blog, and the need for training regarding tolerance and the safe management of people while in crisis. He asked that I mention the behavioral intervention training we receive and how our training teaches us to work with those in crisis using communication skills and active listening […]

Field Notes from Residential Services: PRIDE UP

Just over a decade ago, Wolverine Human Services (WHS) made a philosophical change in our treatment programs. We decided to implement staff physical management techniques versus peer physical management techniques that were directed by staff. Nationally, many agencies had already made these changes but peer physical management techniques were still authorized in many states including […]

Congratulations, Director Corrigan!

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Department of Human Services (DHS) Director Maura Corrigan on her retirement. Director Corrigan has been in her position since January 2011, which is unique because previous Department Directors have usually been in this position less than two years. Her consistent tenure brought strong direction to DHS and private […]

Clinical Care: Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid: How WHS Is Helping Children to be Victors! First aid saves lives…and one question and an action plan can too! Wolverine Human Services is joining the international wave to help citizens, parents, workers, family, friends, and community members recognize and respond to people struggling with mental health challenges and to […]

Field Notes from Residential Services: Transitional Life Skills Program

Wolverine Human Services (WHS) has developed several specialized residential programs over the past decade. This particular article addresses children with mental health disorders and our therapeutic approach to treat the population. Nationally, there has been a significant decrease in mental health program options for children, thus creating a significant increase with mental health clients placed […]

Talking with Tom: Love

I have had the pleasure of working with Wolverine Human Services for over 25 years. In today’s world that may seem strange to hear, especially as job markets change and people move from state to state, switch professions, reinvent themselves, and aspire for the next best thing. Frankly, there is only one reason why I […]

Beautiful Love: Olivia’s Story

Olivia entered foster care with extreme injuries after sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her hands, feet, and other areas of her body. Olivia’s medical state was severely vulnerable, because the burns were susceptible to infection at any time. It was in November 2011 that Olivia entered her first foster home in a fragile physical […]

A Grandmother’s Love: The Thomas Family

Selflessness and dedication are two words that perfectly describe Ms. Pam Thomas. Every decision she makes is for the good of her family. Ms. Thomas used to live alone, in a two-bedroom apartment. When her four grandchildren entered the foster care system in July 2012 due to instability and neglect, she immediately invited them to […]

Loving Out Loud: The Stanley/Smith Family

Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what. Ms. Stanley and Ms. Smith immediately fell in love with little Greyson. They met in August of 2011, when Ms. Stanley, Ms. Smith, and their daughter […]

Forever Their Sweet Baby Girl: Malia’s Story

Malia was born in February 2013. She was premature, weighed only 4.5 pounds, and had drugs in her system. When Malia was 3 days old, Sean and Jessica Green were called to the hospital to welcome her as their foster child. They had become foster parents a few months earlier, with the hope of expanding […]

The Ties that Bind: Justin’s Story

Families are made up of all different types of people. It is not defined by the DNA that runs through you or by the color of your skin, but by people who love you for who you are. Justin has experienced a number of different family structures throughout his short life. He and his five […]

Meet The Clayton Family!

I have had the privilege of working with Randy and Carol Clayton since January 2014 when they first attended Foster/Adoptive Parent PRIDE Training Classes. Randy and Carol explained that they are the parents of seven wonderful children (five biological and two adopted relatives), and all but one were grown and out of their home. They […]

House Teardown

Did you see our cameo on Fox 2 News Detroit? Fox 2 News Reporter Amy Lange came out to cover the story of the abandoned house next door to Wolverine Center, our Detroit residential facility.  When I say, “next door,” I mean about 10 feet away! Inside the house. Check out the original story here. […]

Food Drive

We hosted a HUGE food drive! The Eastern Food Bank of Michigan and the Vassar Food Pantry collected over 12,500 pounds of food to giveaway on June 9, 2014–and we got to be a part of it! We love helping our communities in any way that we can, especially when that means rolling up our sleeves […]

Troubled teen? We can help

Is your son, or daughter dealing with severe aggression, run-ins with the law, drug or alcohol abuse, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts and actions? If so, get them the help they need today. Wolverine Human Services offers numerous specialized programs for all issues your son or daughter may be facing. With Wolverine, your child will receive […]

WHS Annual Report 2013-2014

Dear Friends, We’ve had a wonderful year together! Your support has meant the world to us as we work to advance the mission of “Helping Children to be Victors.” Education remains a key principle here at Wolverine, and we are proud of our 16 high school graduates and13 GED recipients. Our partnership with the Beck […]

#GivingTuesday was AWESOME!

First of all, we owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our first-ever #GivingTuesday!! We had over 1,000 people donate, and many more who helped spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, email, and just talking to their friends and families! (Speaking of which—if you haven’t done so already, please like us on […]

Eminem revealed as donor of at least 200K to Detroit-headquartered children’s charity [mlive]

DETROIT, MI – Judith Wollack kept secret for more than two years the source of high profile charitable donations made to her children’s charity headquartered on Detroit’s east side. Now this Wolverine Human Services CEO can tell the world how much gratitude the organization has for Eminem and his effort to give more than 1,200 […]

Marshall Mathers Foundation to Match #GivingTuesday Contributions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 26, 2013 Contact: Matt Wollack 313.969.0673 The Marshall Mathers Foundation to Match CharitableContributions to Wolverine Human Services on Giving Tuesday Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. – After you’ve spent yourself silly on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, make a difference this year on Giving Tuesday. This coming Tuesday, […]

A Grandmother’s Love

There is a quote that says, “A garden of love grows in a Grandmother’s heart.” Ms. Frances Gray was enjoying her life of retirement in Florida when she learned that her three grandchildren had entered Michigan’s foster care system in April of 2010.She wasted no time in getting back to Michigan, hoping to assist her […]

Meet The Wilsons

At 23 years old, Keiwan and Jamie Wilson have outstanding parenting skills. Keiwan is no stranger to the foster care system. When he was 10 years old, he and his siblings were removed from their mother’s home because of neglect. The siblings were split up and put into different homes–a sad circumstance experienced too often […]


(Photo of Jeremiah is provided by A Thousand Words Photography by Shell) Jeremiah is an adorable 22-month old boy with curly black hair and big brown eyes. This little boy has not had an easy start in life. Jeremiah was abandoned shortly after he was born, and his first 58 days were spent in the […]

National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month is always an exciting time at Wolverine. Last year, we were invited to Lansing to celebrate and finalize this little guy’s adoption: His name is Nahshon. (Isn’t he cute in his little Angry Birds shirt?) He was adopted by his great-aunt, and joined his big sister in becoming the second adoptive child […]

#GivingTuesday is December 3, 2013!

What is #GivingTuesday? The idea is simple: it’s a chance to use some of the money you saved on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to do good in your community.  This year, Wolverine has partnered with #GivingTuesday to provide warm holiday memories for our children. What is happening on #GivingTuesday? On December 3rd, we will be […]

State of the Agency 2013

We had a great time at the State of the Agency event on Thursday, October 3rd! At the annual event, we take time to celebrate employee anniversaries and the accomplishments of the Wolverine staff.  We also spend some time reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the future. A special thank you to […]

Gone but not Forgotten

It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to our friend, Pete Walsh, who passed away on September 3, 2013 following a tragic accident. Pete was an important member of the Wolverine Human Services family, even from its earliest days. He met WHS’s founder, Robert E. Wollack, in the 1980s. They bonded over […]

Maura Corrigan Honors Juvenile Delinquent Graduates

DHS Director to Speak at High School Graduation Ceremony in Saginaw On April 25, 2013, five youth at Wolverine Secure Treatment Center will welcome Maura Corrigan, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, as their high school graduation speaker at a ceremony in Saginaw, MI. Wolverine Secure Treatment Center is a maximum-security facility […]

Wolverine Human Services Announces Endeavor Program for Girls

Wolverine Human Services is excited to announce the Endeavor program, opening on August 19, 2013 in Saginaw, MI. The Endeavor program will provide rehabilitative services for girls ages 12-20 who have been convicted of violent crimes. Girls will receive individual and group therapy to address emotion regulation skills, trauma recovery, substance abuse recovery, and healthy […]

WHS Annual Report 2012-2013

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support over this past year.  We have many accomplishments to celebrate, not the least of which is a balanced budget!  We rely on our donors and supporters to aid us in the mission of “Helping Children to be Victors,” and we make every dollar count! In the past year, […]

WHS Annual Report 2011-2012

Welcome to our 25th year of “Helping Children to be Victors.” Dear Friends, We want to thank everyone for their continued support during our 25 years of service in Michigan. It truly takes a team to run this organization and continue our mission of “Helping Children to be Victors.” In the last year we served […]