The word “family” can mean many different things, and the most important ingredient for a family is love. I got to know Ms. Dixon and Ms. Taylor during the licensing process, when they attended our parent training sessions. They always exhibited a happy, positive, family-oriented attitude during these sessions, which was a pleasure to experience.

Dixon-Taylor Family

These wonderful parents completed the licensing process, and moved to my co-worker’s caseload as potential adoptive parents. They prepared to welcome a small baby into their forever family, but faced a challenge when the baby had to be admitted to the hospital with life-threatening health issues. The Dixon-Taylor family tirelessly stayed at her bedside in the hospital, so much so that we had to strongly encourage them to take time to rest! Wolverine Human Services staff watched over their soon-to-be daughter at her bedside, so Ms. Dixon and Ms. Taylor could recharge and prepare for their daughter.

Over time, their daughter grew stronger, and I had the privilege of serving as their Adoption Specialist. I visited their home, where Paityn had now grown and become a healthy baby. They were quick to provide for all of her medical needs, and never once questioned whether or not her needs were too great to take on. Every family may not look alike, but when there is happiness and love, it is amazing just the same!

Ms. Dixon recently wrote to me, “Thank you, as well as Wolverine Human Services, for our many blessings. We truly feel that Wolverine and our daughters have blessed us and helped our family grow in so many ways.”

The feeling of gratitude is mutual. It has been a privilege to support the Dixon-Taylor forever family, and to see their home grow in love, laughter, and warmth.

–Hannah Gac, Adoption Specialist

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