Matthew and Christine Godlaski had two daughters and a small house when they learned that their four nieces needed a new loving home. They feared that their nieces, Paris, Kirstin, Joccelyn, and Gabrielle, would be split into different homes with different families. Sadly, it happens sometimes that sibling groups get separated in the process of placement. Matthew and Christine made it their top priority to make sure that the girls stayed together and stayed with family.

Godlaski Family

Without hesitation, they welcomed the four girls into their home on April 17, 2014. Despite living in a small house, the Godlaskis made their situation work to meet the needs of their family and children. Now bursting at the seams with 6 girls in the home, Matthew and Christine are working with Habitat for Humanity to secure a larger home for their ever-growing family.

Matthew and Christine have done an outstanding job understanding the children’s emotional and development needs. They have focused on helping the children grieve after the loss of their father, and after the termination of their parents’ rights.

Godlaski Family

They are very motivated and committed to meeting all of the children’s needs, and have sought out services to benefit the girls and support their success in life. The Godlaskis are very resourceful and great advocates for the children. Their nieces have met some challenges with their education and learning, so Matthew and Christine went above and beyond seeking out proper channels and resources to get the children caught up and functioning close to their grade levels.

Matthew, Christine, and their daughters celebrated the legal adoption of Paris, Kirstin, Joccelyn, and Gabrielle into their forever family on June 12, 2015. We are excited to see this family grow together for many years to come.

–Sarah Reynolds, Adoption Specialist

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