Wolverine Human Services

Who We Are

We’re on a mission to provide safety, sustenance, nurturing,
and therapeutic intervention for children.

WHS Mission Statement

In everything we do, our mission remains the same: “Helping Children and Families to be Victors.”

Our purpose is to offer the most appropriate settings and most effective service providers to children, their families and their communities. We take part in a mutual effort assisting those in need to overcome social and economic barriers, to capitalize on their personal strengths, and to contribute to their own healing. Our approach is eclectic and is founded on the premise of “unconditional” care. Wolverine’s continuum of services and effective network of referral sources provide a responsive and cost-effective system accessible at the community level.

We continue to use new treatment approaches, to reach out and collaborate with other services providers, and to utilize input from our many clients, constituents, funders, and supporters.

Letter from the President

“If you want to do something to help change your world, you can do that – one child at a time.” — Clifton Davis (1945-)

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WHS Strategic Goals



Establish, develop, and implement a fundraising strategy for WHS.

Job Interview

Human Resources

Improve the processes governing recruitment, hiring, and retention of quality WHS employees.



Define the needs of the agency and market to effectively promote WHS programs, create a strategy for effective fund development.



To evaluate, refine and assess areas for new program development within WHS residential and community based treatment services.



Maintain and upgrade our Salesforce instance to make data-informed decisions.



Deliver budgeted profit for the fiscal year.

Executive Team

Matthew Wollack

Matthew Wollack

Vice President of Strategic Development

WHS Board of Trustees

Wolverine Human Services is governed by a Board of Trustees:

  • Karen Paciorek, Ph.D
    President/Chair, Professor Emeritus, Eastern Michigan University
  • Ritchie G. Piert, Sr.
    Treasurer, Marjin Group
  • Thomas Rogers
  • Adam Burgess
    Trustee, Plante Moran
  • Dawn Drobrich
    Trustee, Partner Lacey and Jones Attorneys at Law
  • Toson Knight
    Trustee, Dean of Culture Detroit Public Schools
  • Jordan Morgan
    Trustee, The Jordan Morgan Foundation
  • Brittany Muneio
    Trustee, Plastipak Packaging, Inc.
  • Rick Rothermerl
    Trustee, CO Emeritus LaMarsh & Associates Global
  • Dan Taylor
    Trustee, Vice President NFP
  • LaShanda Thomas, CPA
    Trustee, Managing Director The Clairmount Group

WHS Awards and Accreditation

Wolverine Human Services is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, “a comprehensive independent accreditor of behavioral health care and social service organizations operating in the United States and Canada. Over 1000 organizations, voluntary, public and proprietary, local and statewide, large and small, have either successfully achieved accreditation through the Council’s process or are currently engaged in the process.”

Association of Accredited Child & Family Agencies

Wolverine is a member of the Association of Accredited Child and Family Agencies, whose mission is to “enhance and improve the provision of child welfare systems and services to children and families in Michigan.”


Wolverine Human Services is licensed by the State of Michigan in every program as required by law.

Youth Upload

Our youth are engaged in healing activities every day, and one of the most empowering tools they use is telling their stories through creative expression. We invite you to browse some of their work here, and support them in sharing their story and continuing on the path of healing.Have you heard about our partnership with the Beck Institute? Together, we are training our staff, teaching our children, and integrating principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into the everyday culture at Wolverine. This partnership will make us the first and only juvenile justice agency in the world to provide this evidence-based best practice to our youth.

2021 Annual Report

2021 WHS Annual Report

2020 Annual Review

2020 WHS Annual Report

2019 WHS Annual Report