Wolverine Human Services

The Wolverine Difference

With the ever-increasing demand for mental health treatment for youth, Wolverine Human Services seeks to provide our clients with safety and security throughout our facilities. With 19 different Treatment Programs across the state of Michigan, Wolverine Human Services is dedicated to revolutionizing the Juvenile Justice treatment process. Though there are other facilities across the country dedicated to serving this population, there are many reasons WHS stands out among the rest. We call this The Wolverine Difference.

One-of-a-Kind Residential Program

Wolverine Human Services has been dedicated to Helping Children to be Victors and the treatment of youth in the Juvenile Justice system for over 30 years. In the last decade, WHS has implemented the evidence-based practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy among all staff members, decreased restraints, increased success rates, restored and enhanced all of our facilities, and provided additional services to our clients including: family therapy, transportation, aftercare, alumni scholarship opportunities, and more.

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any child any parent any time

Any Child, Any Parent, Any Time

Wolverine Human Services believes that there are many different types of families and children, all with very different needs. We always try to fulfill that reality with the different programs we offer and by serving our mission to help any child, any parent, any time. Many of the children that enter into Michigan’s child welfare system have had family, friends, and society turn their backs on them. We do not. Many agencies do not allow single parents, LGBTQ parents, and many others to become care providers. We do not discriminate. WHS is happy to serve any child and any parent 24/7 365 days a year.

Alumni Opportunity

The Alumni Opportunity is a program that gives graduating/former clients of Wolverine Human Services access to community resources provided by WHS, partnership agencies, and organizations. We hope that the Alumni Opportunity program will continue to help our graduated children to become victors.

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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care

Often, residential care, juvenile justice, and foster care overlap. As youth find themselves transitioning between these situations, they experienced disjunction and overwhelming changes during a sensitive period. Although it is important to find placements on a timely basis- it is essential that a full evidence-based continuum of care meeting federal guidelines is offered in order to meet the individual needs of children and families.

Noble Child: Salesforce CRM System

In 2016, Wolverine Human Services identified the need for a comprehensive data system to manage our child welfare network. With most other industries using technology to collect and store data, Wolverine Human Services decided that it was time to bring the Child Welfare industry into the 21st century. Developed by leaders in the child welfare system and Salesforce IT experts, Noble Child leverages technology that is interconnected and user-friendly, while providing the highest level of functionality.

noble child

Be the Solution

Wolverine Human Services is dedicated to the mission of Helping Children to be Victors. We strive to provide safety, sustenance, nurturing, and therapeutic intervention for children. Our Team is the backbone of this mission. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of children, families, and your community members, Join the Wolverine Human Services team and BE THE SOLUTION!

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Community Activism

Wolverine Human Services is more than a child welfare non-profit, we are community members and activists. In the last 5 years, WHS created community based non-profits including Core Orchards (the first U-Pick apple orchard in Detroit city limits) and Fresh Era (a young professional networking/volunteer group). Both of these organizations rely heavily on donor and volunteer support and continue to enrich and improve our community.

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