Thomas Family

Selflessness and dedication are two words that perfectly describe Ms. Pam Thomas. Every decision she makes is for the good of her family.

Ms. Thomas used to live alone, in a two-bedroom apartment. When her four grandchildren entered the foster care system in July 2012 due to instability and neglect, she immediately invited them to share her home.

Ms. Thomas ensures that the needs of her grandchildren, Drake (13), Hunter (12), Madisyn (11), and Parker (9), are not only met, but exceeded. Since welcoming them into her home, she has relocated the family into a bigger home and leased a bigger vehicle to accommodate her new large family. She made sure that their new home was in a community with better schools and a stronger support system. Every decision Ms. Thomas makes revolves around her four grandchildren, and she is dedicated to giving them as many opportunities in life as she possibly can.

Since being placed with their grandmother, Drake, Hunter, Madisyn, and Parker’s lives have flourished. Each of them participates in sporting events and extracurricular activities. They have finally found the stability and loving attention that their lives had lacked.

Ms. Thomas and her grandchildren became a forever family on May 28, 2014. The children continue to thrive in their grandmother’s home, where they have love, stability, and bright futures ahead of them. In September 2014, their family became complete with the adoption of a new puppy, Ty!

The Thomas Family’s Adoption Worker said, “It has been such a pleasure to witness the abundant and tangible love within their home. Ms. Thomas continues to do everything she can to ensure that Drake, Hunter, Madisyn, and Parker grow up to be happy, successful, loving adults.”

Ms. Thomas and her grandchildren are building lives of happiness, love, and connection. Together, they flourish and grow.

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