El-Siss Family

Olivia entered foster care with extreme injuries after sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her hands, feet, and other areas of her body. Olivia’s medical state was severely vulnerable, because the burns were susceptible to infection at any time.

It was in November 2011 that Olivia entered her first foster home in a fragile physical state. Unfortunately, this foster home was not a resting place for her, as the family struggled to meet all of her medical and emotional needs. When the family asked for her removal, Olivia was moved into a second foster home. This was where she met the strangers who would change her life by becoming her forever family.

Olivia’s foster parents recognized the trauma she had sustained, and knew that she needed love, care, and so much more if she was going to become whole again. Through tireless effort, Olivia’s foster parents nursed her back to health, made sure her medical needs were met, and began to coax smiles from her. After a time, Olivia’s condition began to improve, and she began not only smiling, but laughing again—as a young child should! Olivia’s new home gave her the opportunity to experience the meaning of “family,” and she began to bond with her foster parents and siblings.

Now physically healed, Olivia sometimes becomes self-conscious of her burns, and will ask why her hands look different than others. Every time she asks, her family tells her that she is beautiful, perfect, and special in every way.

Not only do their words show their love for her, but the El-Siss family demonstrates their dedication and commitment by taking her to each doctor’s appointment, surgery, follow-up appointments, and doing anything else that she needs to be a healthy and happy little girl. Three years after meeting this loving family, Olivia was adopted as a daughter in their forever family!

Olivia now has everything she could ever want–not in the sense of clothing or toys, but in having a family who will show her how beautiful and loved she is each and every day for the rest of her life.

Since meeting Olivia in 2011, to celebrating her completed adoption in 2014, all workers involved with this special family have witnessed the tireless care, effort, and advocacy for this beautiful child.

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