I have had the pleasure of working with Wolverine Human Services for over 25 years. In today’s world that may seem strange to hear, especially as job markets change and people move from state to state, switch professions, reinvent themselves, and aspire for the next best thing.

Frankly, there is only one reason why I stay: Love.

At Wolverine Human Services, we have a rich history of providing care to those in need. In doing so, we utilize seven guiding principles as the foundation of our relationships with our children and families. The seven guiding principles are: Reality, Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Negotiation, Education, and Love.

And yes…Love has always been my favorite principle.

This is why: I love the WHS mission, I love working with our employees, and I love the experience and the challenges that this work creates. But more importantly, I love the opportunity. The opportunity to be involved, to support change, and to witness a child’s life becoming whole again.

Working at a job for over 25 years may seem like forever – especially to those to who are just starting their professional journey. But it really it isn’t. “Forever” is a word that should be utilized for something more powerful.

Forever is commitment – Forever is for love – and Forever should stand for Family

As we move further into the holiday season, family becomes even more important, and our forever connections with those who are important to us become even more paramount.

November was National Adoption Month. December is the time of family togetherness, laughing around the dinner table and snuggling under big blankets. January is the month of new beginnings.

During these upcoming months, please consider the word Forever. Think about the word Love, and remember the child that is waiting for that one person, that one family, that one opportunity to be part of something that is Forever—their Forever Family.

We have beautiful children throughout Michigan that need love and support. Please consider supporting these children by becoming an adoptive or foster parent, or learning more about how you can contribute resources to help children in their journey to finding a Forever Family. Contact us at:


(888) 625-8669

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Tom KrolickiThomas Krolicki, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, is Vice President of Development and Community Based Programs at Wolverine Human Services. Tom has over 28 years of administrative and clinical service experience with a special focus in policy and program development, legislative action, and advocacy for children and families involved with Michigan’s Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health Systems. Tom is also highly invested in the development of new social workers and is a field placement advisor with several Universities and Colleges.