In 1995, the Association of Accredited Child and Family Agencies (AACFA), was founded. The association brings together organizations and agencies across the state that share similar policy aspirations for the children and family of Michigan. AACFA believes that Michigan’s children and families should be receiving the appropriate care and treatment for the needs often associated with social disadvantages. AACFA works directly with local, county, and state politicians, as well as a variety of government organizations to positively impact services and treatments provided to the Michigan population.

Wolverine has a long history with AACFA. Robert Wollack, Wolverine Human Services’ Founder and President, was one of the original founders of AACFA. He believed that similar organizations were often too large, too slow, and had little real impact. Today, under the leadership of Wolverine’s CEO, Judith Fischer Wollack, AACFA is the leading organization for policy influence and impact on the child welfare industry in Michigan.

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