The world tells our boys, “Do not show emotion.”

“big boys don’t cry”
“act like a man”
“don’t be a girl”
“never let them see you cry”

But what message are we actually telling our young men?

Could we in fact be robbing the person from having the ability to truly emphasize with others? One of the leading emotional factors shared amongst violent offenders resonates with an inability to truly see, feel, and value the victim in the moment of frustration, anger, and violence. This detachment is void of compassion.

Change: Imagine if we encourage our boys to feel – it could improve the way that our young men relate, respect, and manage relationships and interactions with each other.

I say let them feel…let them express…let them know the beauty of a gentle touch, a kind word, and the power of tolerance.

Let them know that being a man can include compassion and sensitivity toward others and self.

When parenting, allow the child to express, encourage open communication, and do not be judgmental.

The lessons taught early in life will have long lasting effect.

Please watch the following video – our world community struggles with the way we teach our young men regarding feelings, respect, and the treatment of others.

Perhaps worldwide change is as easy as saying…

“Big boys do cry”

Click here to watch #StartWithTheBoys video

Tom KrolickiThomas Krolicki, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, is Vice President of Development and Community Based Programs at Wolverine Human Services. Tom has over 28 years of administrative and clinical service experience with a special focus in policy and program development, legislative action, and advocacy for children and families involved with Michigan’s Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health Systems. Tom is also highly invested in the development of new social workers and is a field placement advisor with several Universities and Colleges.