Throughout all of Wolverine, our clients are working on their education. It’s one of the Seven Principles that guide our work with the kids.

Wolverine partners with public, charter, and secondary schools to provide clients the ability to work towards their educational goals at every level. Whether it’s credit recovery, graduating with a High School diploma, earning a GED, or even taking college courses, our youth have access to the tools they need to succeed.

Steven W. has been working very hard since his substance abuse treatment began on our Vassar Campus at the Wolverine Growth and Recovery Center. He has been working to overcome his individual challenges, as well as preparing for the future. We are so proud to say CONGRATULATIONS to Steven on graduating with his GED.

Steven, with help from his Caseworker, Ms. Mitchell, and his Therapeutic Treatment Leader, Mr. Collis, was able to make up OVER 2 YEARS of schooling that he was behind. Congratulations again to Steven–his continued educational drive made it possible for him to graduate when past schooling was ineffective.

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