Promoting From Within

Nolan Moore

Meet Nolan Moore


Robert Wollack and I worked together at another facility in Detroit before Wolverine Human Services had even started. One day, he mentioned that he was opening his own facility for boys and asked if I would join his team.

I love working directly with and for the clients at our residential centers. The therapeutic process has always been interesting and inspiring to me. It is an honor to be able to help children to be victors every day.

Every day is going to be hard. Working on the Residential Juvenile Justice side of the agency comes with daily struggles. Always remember that you are helping children but also, don’t be afraid to admit that this might not be for you. If you are working half-heartedly, you are not doing justice to the kids in our care. Wolverine will provide you will plenty of room to grow and work in areas you are interested in but you need to demonstrate your commitment to the mission.

One time, there was a client at our Detroit location who was having a bad day. He was arguing with staff, being defiant, and was causing tons of problems. He eventually ended up greasing himself up and running away from us. It was almost impossible to catch him because he would slip right through. Eventually, we did catch him and we could not stop laughing. It deescalated the situation and continues to be one of my fondest memories.

Amber Centeno

Meet Amber Centeno

Director of Data & Evaluation

I started as a Community Relations Intern studying Macro Social Work and internship opportunities were few and far between. There were a few choices left, but my family went on vacation before I had finalized my placement. When I got back, WHS was all that was left!

One goal I set was to do as much training and networking as I could. I have had a lot of opportunities to pursue trainings, certificates, and conferences in areas that I am both personally and professionally interested in.

I would say that not every day is going to be exciting, and you’re not going to want to do everything asked of you. But if you take the time to talk to those above you about your career aspirations, there is a lot of space for promotions and different jobs.

During my internship here, a fellow intern and I had a lot of fun working in the hoop house. Making watering plants and weeding fun was an adventure but led to a lot of great memories. 

I actually prefer teas! My favorite is a chai latte with oat milk. 

Jennifer Keller

Meet Jennifer Keller

Adoption Director

I was working at another child welfare agency when I learned about Wolverine. I looked into the agency and realized that Wolverine’s mission and goals aligned with mine.

The relationships I had with the clients I directly worked with. To this day, I still receive phone calls from some of them letting me know how they are doing.

Operation Good Cheer is my favorite event! It’s amazing the hundreds of presents that our children receive for Christmas. I feel like a kid on Christmas day!

When I was a foster care worker, I had two sisters that I took to various appointments. During the drive time, we would “rock out” to Pat Benatar’s song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” We would sing so loud in the car!!! I will remember this for a very long time!

I have been able to talk with friends and family about my work and the need for good foster parents. Every child deserves to have a family that loves and accepts them for who they are. I’ve had friends become foster and adoptive parents.