carsonMeet Carson Atkins, he has been employed by WHS for 17 months now. His position is in general support as a transporter. You can find him in the security booth between runs when he works. He enjoys working at WHS because he likes being able to make a difference in the youth’s life, even if it’s temporary. He enjoys working with kids because it makes him feel good when he can see that he’s made a difference in their lives whether it’s a smile or helping to change their demeanor after a bad court date, knowing he helped just a little is rewarding. His favorite part of the job is when he takes a kid to court and he gets discharged. Getting to see the fulfillment and pride from the youth and their families from completing their program, the smiles and happiness that they get to go home with their family. Atkins really enjoys the outings the youth are able to go on, he feels it gives them a taste of what they’re missing and helps influence them to be on their best behavior. He would like to see the youth be able to get out more, maybe to visit the school for local basketball or football games.