img_20161102_093936996“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal” – Steve Maraboli

This year Vassar House raised $310.00 from our Walking Taco fundraiser. Our students baked desserts to sell along with the tacos. We also collected pop bottles all year, and raised $127.00 from that.  After doing a presentation at The Vassar Rotary Club meeting with a student, they contributed $500.00 towards helping us ship our boxes. Each box costs $7.00 to ship. Once a week students made crafts during the month of October. On November 2nd, teachers brought in supplies they had been purchasing all year, and students each packed 1 box for the child that they had drawn randomly. Vassar House students also crocheted hats, slippers, headbands, and mittens for their child. Camp 2 packed 20 boxes, CFC packed 33 boxes, and Vassar House packed 55 boxes. This gave us a total of 108 boxes sent out this year. We are so proud of their efforts and willingness to help others!