To the Men that wake up every day- hit the grind – and set example for the young eyes ever watching

To those that found a way to love others more than self

To the Men that come home at night – deciding not to chase the easy thing – honor commitments -work hard – keep hand and mouth in check and find joy not in what you have… but with who you have in your life

And to those that have failed but sought guidance and returned to the path

I applaud you!

None are perfect but man if you try I am Proud to call you Brother and you deserve to be called Dad.

Last Fathers Day I found myself like our children in Care missing many of the Men in my life: Norman you set a path and Howard you helped show how to walk it and Clarence you taught me that leadership can be stern and yet respectful

Thank you to the Men that were there for me. Now we must be there for our children