2017-06-06In my new role as Vice President of Strategic Development for Wolverine Human Services, I am excited to share my insights on the way we think about,  assess and plan our future initiatives. More importantly, I will share and provide insight on our resulting real-world application. My larger understanding of strategic thinking is based on future generations. My  decision-based processing is greatly impacted by what future generations are doing today.  I’m looking to create environments and cultures that anticipate and meet those needs.

As an organization, we are here to provide the highest quality of treatment for youth, our future generations. Today’s continuously evolving technologies are shaping our social and cultural thinking and we need to acknowledge and account for that.  Here at Wolverine we are doing this to ensure that we remain as the innovator and leader in children services in the state, and soon the nation.

For Wolverine Human Services the real-world application of this thinking equates into two major investments. First, the continuous investment into the development of new systems and tools. This allows us to create new, efficient, purposeful, and highly managed care systems for the clinical services of Michigan’s children. Second, the planned and structured investment into our treatment facilities and community-based office locations.  This allows us to develop client-focused environments and cultures that employ our forward thinking.

As a young person, I’m excited and eager to take on this new role and help guide Wolverine Human Services into a new chapter of its amazing mission. We will continue to lead, innovate, and provide the highest quality of treatment to Michigan’s youth. We will continue to make impactful investments into the future of organization and our clients. And we will continue to think forwardly in “Helping Children to be Victors”.