16143639_859398437496079_2963832611971480462_o-1280x427It was recommended to me by parents of adolescents and I had heard some media reports about concerns expressed by parents. Let me give you Thirteen Reasons to watch this series:

  1. I feel it does not dramatize or romanticize suicide in any way. It tells a story of why this
    young lady felt suicide was her only option.
  2. It takes you to those difficult high school years, either you own or your children. It reminds
    us of the challenges adolescents face every day.
  3. It shows us the danger of social media and misuse by teens.
  4. It takes on every social issue we face in society today. It brings self-awareness to feelings
    and reactions to these issues. What would you do?
  5. It makes you evaluate your own reactions to behaviors others have, appropriate and not.
  6. It makes you wonder how would or should I handle alarming, confidential and potentially
    harmful information.
  7. It is intriguing, great acting and well done.
  8. It is something to watch with your children, discuss, and continue the hard conversations.
  9. It shows at least five different parenting types and styles. Which one are you? And how do
    you do better?
  10. Get to know your kids friends, really know them and their parents. It’s more than saying “Hi”
    and “Good Game.”
  11. There are good kids, facing difficult issues and decisions, making bad choices. Adolescents
    are basically self-serving and not always going to do what is right.
  12. For me it highlights the important of ALWAYS being involved in your children’s lives. This doesn’t start when they are teens. It needs to start from little on. Always watching and talking about things that are going on, not only in their lives but those around them. You have a captive audience in the car, with them and their friends. Listen to their conversations, really listen! Patents don’t always need to do the talking. And today think about your answer to the hard questions, did you do drugs? When did you have sex for the first time? Did you ever think about suicide? Every question should be a teaching moment.
  13. Most importantly you can make a difference in a child’s life. Adults and parents have that
    mission. I have had that mission in my personal life and am blessed in my professional life to every day, Help Children to be Victors!

Judith F.  Wollack, ACSW, LMSW

Wolverine Human Services

Chief Executive Officer