Tye’Reyce Fuller will be graduating on May 1st from Wolverine Education Center. Approximately three months ago Tye’Reyce told me he would like to graduate from our school and go on to college. Tye’Reyce has a great work ethic and would come in to my class during his lunch hour to work on his classes. Tye’Reyce was never content to get a passing grade on his assignments he would go back and redo them to get a better grade, and do better on his quizzes.

Tye’Reyce in addition to working on his regular classes participated in a pilot program to learn about Information technology using Edgenuity. Tye’Reyce has applied and been accepted to Washtenaw Community College for the fall term. He has worked hard to get all his financial-aid and other resources ready for the next step in life. Based on Tye’Reyce’s past performance he will go far in life and achieve whatever goals he sets for himself. Our graduates are victors and we are proud to be a part of the foundation that sets them on the path to success.