nik-macmillan-151041Kara came to life skills on November 28, 2016 just a few short credits from graduation. Within a few short months she has finished her classes and received the remaining credits and will graduate on February 22, 2017.  While she has been in Life-Skills, Kara has shown leadership skills and a determination that outshines her circumstances.  Kara has made consistently strong and appropriate choices which has enabled her to become a leader in the program, the school setting and in the unit.

In my career I have rarely met an individual as focused, determined and confident as Kara.  When she puts her mind and energy toward something, she achieves it.  I truly hope that she carries that part of her throughout the rest of her life.  She is a tremendous talent with much to offer the world, for example, her artistic ability.  I have often told Kara that she needs to enroll in an art program and share her gift with the world.  When something, needs to be done, and she recognizes it, it gets done.  Her leadership coupled with her interpersonal skills will make Kara a valuable addition to the world.

It has been a pleasure working with her, as she has made me a better person and a better teacher.

Chris Baldwin