FooteAs a new Wolverine Human Services’ foster parent, Maria Foote has created a new family when she became a licensed Wolverine Human Services foster parent on October 31, 2016. Ms. Foote is a single parent with four birth children. She stated “I love kids” and has added a foster child to her family. She stated that during the licensing process she learned a lot, which helped her not only get everything ready for the child to enter into her home, but also helps her in caring for her current foster child. Maria said that as a new foster parent, she feels supported by Wolverine Human Services and her church, which has a large foster and adoption support system.

Ms. Foote stated that her she loves fostering and the foster baby “fits into our family.” She said that she was very excited about becoming a foster parent and being able to help with children needing a home. To someone who is going through the licensing process, Ms. Foote says to “Be patient and pray.”