Independent Living

Teens are in need of homes and individuals who will mentor them! Wolverine Human Services will help you facilitate the process of becoming an Independent Living (IL) Home Provider.

Become A Care Provider

Provider Qualifications

blue-checkmark Marital status (can be single, married, separated)
blue-checkmark Can be related to IL child (though not birth parents)
blue-checkmark Must be financially stable
blue-checkmark Able to produce proof of income and current utility bills
blue-checkmark Have an approved living situation (apartment, house, flat, mobile home, etc.)
blue-checkmark Have spare bedroom for IL child
blue-checkmark Provide necessary furniture, bedding, towels, cooking, and eating utensils
blue-checkmark Able to pass criminal and protective services’ clearances
blue-checkmark Mail and telephone access for the child

Benefits of Becoming an Independent Living Home Provider

blue-checkmark Able to choose sex, race, and characteristics of children placed in the home
blue-checkmark Do not have to be licensed foster parents
blue-checkmark Receive a daily room and board rate which is paid biweekly by the child
blue-checkmark Prior to placement into an IL home, the youth’s background and behavioral patterns will be discussed
blue-checkmark Satisfaction of helping a youth become independent and self reliant
blue-checkmark Youth’s financial needs are supplemented through state payments
blue-checkmark Training given to facilitate a successful placement
blue-checkmark The child will be monitored for program and home compliance
blue-checkmark 24 hour telephone social work access

Process of Becoming an Independent Living Provider

blue-checkmark Criminal and protective services’ clearances processed
blue-checkmark In home orientation regarding program dynamics
blue-checkmark Explanation of what is expected under room and board payments
blue-checkmark Review of IL policies and IL provider expectations
blue-checkmark Home assessment completed (to ensure a structurally safe and clean environment)