Foster Care & Adoption
The Wolverine Difference

Faster Licensing Process

Due to the many technological advancements at Wolverine Human Services through Noble Child, WHS is excited to share that our licensing process is one of the quickest in the nation. While many foster and adoptive parents experience licensing processes that last more than a year, on average foster parents experience a 6-9 month licensing process and adoptive parents experience a 9-12 month licensing process at Wolverine Human Services.

Our Commitment to Therapeutic Environments

At Wolverine Human Services, we are committed to creating and maintaining modern, therapeutic environments for our children and our employees. In our Community Based Programs offices, we have developed spaces for our foster care and adoptive families that are bright, comfortable, and modern for our children. Our offices are equipped with smart televisions in the waiting rooms and our visitation rooms are warm and comforting.

Alumni Opportunity

The Alumni Opportunity is a program that gives graduating/former clients of Wolverine Human Services access to community resources provided by WHS, partnership agencies, and organizations. We hope that the Alumni Opportunity program will continue to help our graduated children to become victors.

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Additional Supportive Programming

Wolverine Human Services understands that the foster care system is hard for all involved. We have made it our goal to provide as much additional support as possible. We started The Piggy Bank Project as a way to provide additional support to foster children and their families. Through The Piggy Bank Project, children receive giveaway items such as school supplies, toy, and more. Additionally, every summer Wolverine Human Services hosts a Piggy Bank Picnic to bring all of our foster families together to celebrate the amazing community they helped establish.

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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care

Often, residential care, juvenile justice, and foster care overlap. As youth find themselves transitioning between these situations, they experienced disjunction and overwhelming changes during a sensitive period. Although it is important to find placements on a timely basis- it is essential that a full evidence-based continuum of care meeting federal guidelines is offered in order to meet the individual needs of children and families.

any child any parent any time

Any Child, Any Parent, Any Time

Wolverine Human Services believes that there are many different types of families and children, all with very different needs. We always try to fulfill that reality with the different programs we offer and by serving our mission to help any child, any parent, any time. Many of the children that enter into Michigan’s child welfare system have had family, friends, and society turn their backs on them. We do not. Some agencies do not allow single parents, LGBTQ parents, and many others to become care providers. We do not discriminate. WHS is happy to serve any child and any parent 24/7 365 days a year.