kingWe value those people who are on the front lines every single day helping our youth to become victors and we love telling their stories

“I am able to assist the youth and help rehabilitate them and focus on their life goals.” – Stephanie King

Stephanie King has been at WHS for 1 year and is currently a Youth Care Worker. She works second shift at WGRC so she gets to work after the youth are done with school for the day. While she is there she does a lot of speed checks, GA checks and some leisure time with the youth. She is with them for dinner and helps wind them down and reflect on their day before bed time. King likes working at Wolverine because she enjoys helping the youth. She prefers to work with kids because she believes they have more of a second chance and are able to be reached more effectively. She is able to assist and rehabilitate them and help them focus on a real life goal. King likes second shift because it’s a more interactive time for the youth and she has a greater impact on them then. One thing she would like to see implemented is to have the units do more things together as a group, instead of a kid or two from several different units.