What is the Care Provider Portal?

The Care Provider Portal is the hub for information, resources, training dates, and all things Foster Care and Adoption related. The Care Provider Portal will allow you to take control and manage your experience here at Wolverine.

What will the Care Provider Portal do?

The Care Provider Portal provides a hassle-free training experience. Our Portal contains features that bring instant connection between your family, and our caseworkers. If you have questions, concerns, or need help in any step of the process, you can reach your caseworker by selecting the “Me Tab”. Soon you will be able to message your caseworker directly through the Portal in the messages section.

You can also manage your documentation and training appointments with the Care Provider Portal.

  • Documentation Features
    • One Unified Location
    • Digital Signature and Completion Capabilities
    • Simple Submission
  • Training and Appointments Features
    • Access Training Dates
    • Add to your Digital Calendar (Coming Soon)
    • Sign up for Email Reminder (Coming Soon)

Want to find out more about the Foster Care from Anywhere Experience?

To learn more about Foster Care and Adoption along with the Foster Care from Anywhere Experience, please complete the Care Provider form below.

Phone: 313-484-8886
Email: recruitment@wolverinehs.org