Covid-19 has dramatically changed our world. Covid-19 has challenged businesses, non-profits, and families to embrace technology in order to meet the needs of their community and to be successful in their respective fields.

Wolverine has recognized the need to bring a virtual experience to foster care parents throughout the state of Michigan.

We are excited to announce the “Foster Care from Anywhere” experience that will allow you to begin your journey into foster care virtually. Wolverine is the only agency in the state offering the “Foster Care from Anywhere” experience. You will be able to attend a virtual orientation, submit initial documentation virtually, and access our Care Provider Portal.

Virtual Orientation

Attending a Foster Care Orientation virtually with our team is the first step in becoming a foster care parent. Virtual Orientations are taking place over Zoom Video Conferencing. Virtual Orientations will be led by one of our trainers, and you can expect other future foster care parents to be attending orientation with you! To learn more about foster care and sign up for upcoming virtual orientation, complete the Care Provider form below.

Digital Documents

As a Foster Care Parent with Wolverine, you will be able to access training documents digitally as you move forward through the foster care journey. You will be able to digitally sign and complete documents through the foster care training process.

Portal Access

The Care Provider Portal is a hub for all things foster care and adoption. The Care Provider Portal allows future Foster Care families access to information and resources to help you prepare for orientation. In the near future, Wolverine will provide full access to the Care Provider Portal where you will be able to see messages from your caseworker, see upcoming training dates, and access paperwork to help you move forward in becoming a foster care parent.

How do I start the “Foster Care from Anywhere” fully curated digital experience?

To learn more about Foster Care and Adoption along with the Foster Care from Anywhere Experience, please complete the Care Provider form below.

Phone: 313-484-8886