National Adoption Month is always an exciting time at Wolverine.

Last year, we were invited to Lansing to celebrate and finalize this little guy’s adoption:


His name is Nahshon. (Isn’t he cute in his little Angry Birds shirt?) He was adopted by his great-aunt, and joined his big sister in becoming the second adoptive child in their family. (In case you’re wondering, he is doing great! The family is looking forward to celebrating their “Gotcha Day!”)

In the past year, Wolverine has supported the creation of 68 families through adoption. Each and every family is a treasure, and they are as diverse as the children they have adopted. Our adoptive parents come from different nationalities, races, ages, income levels, family structures, backgrounds, and experiences. We are especially happy to support our single parents and our LGBT couples in expanding their families!

National Adoption Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate our amazing families, the wonderful Wolverine staff who support them, and the magical experience of creating a family. It also gives us a chance to let you—our community supporters—learn a little bit more about what we do.

That’s why we will be introducing a few of our adoptive families to you this month. Keep an eye on our blog and our social media—you don’t want to miss these amazing people!