What is #GivingTuesday?

The idea is simple: it’s a chance to use some of the money you saved on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to do good in your community.  This year, Wolverine has partnered with #GivingTuesday to provide warm holiday memories for our children.

What is happening on #GivingTuesday?

On December 3rd, we will be collecting online donations for children who are struggling with loneliness, separation, and sadness during the holiday season.

UPDATE:  We have a matching donor for #GivingTuesday! Every $1 we receive will be automatically doubled!!!

Why is #GivingTuesday important?

Many of our children will spend the holidays apart from their families.  This can be a very difficult experience for many of our kids, and often brings up feelings of loneliness, separation, and sadness.  We know that we can’t replace their families, but we can give them some warmth, smiles, and the opportunity to share their traditions with others.

We want to give each child a warm, home-like experience this holiday season—including gifts, cultural celebrations, cookies, hot chocolate, warm blankets, and lots of laughter.

How can I get involved?

Step 1: Hear the news!  Sign up for our e-newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  You will be the first to know about our #GivingTuesday developments.

Step 2: Mark it on your calendars: December 3rd, 2013!  On this day, all funds raised through our website will be spent creating experiences of togetherness for our children.

Step 3: Share the news with your friends! Tell them about #GivingTuesday by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–use your favorite social media to keep them in the loop!  We’ve made it easy, just copy and paste this: “I’m #HelpingChildrenToBeVictors this holiday season by celebrating #GivingTuesday with Wolverine Human Services!  Visit www.wolverinehs.org to learn how you can help too!”

That’s it!  That’s all it takes to provide some warmth for a child who is struggling and lonely this holiday season.

December 3rd is #GivingTuesday.  Make a difference.  Help a child to be a victor this holiday season.

Giving Tuesday