(Photo of Jeremiah is provided by A Thousand Words Photography by Shell)

Jeremiah is an adorable 22-month old boy with curly black hair and big brown eyes.

This little boy has not had an easy start in life. Jeremiah was abandoned shortly after he was born, and his first 58 days were spent in the hospital battling health issues. For several months, he was required to wear a cranial helmet. His overall development was delayed. On top of these challenges, he was born with a congenital virus that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

It seemed like Jeremiah was headed for a life of struggling. But, in March of 2012, he finally caught a break when he was placed in the care of two female foster parents. They visited him in the hospital and bonded with him from the start.

When it was finally time for Jeremiah to be released from the hospital, he went home with not one, but two mothers! With their constant love and care, he began to grow into a strong, healthy little boy. When parental rights were terminated, his foster mothers jumped at the chance to care for him permanently.

Jeremiah is doing great, and he has grown into a beautiful and loving little boy. His mothers finalized his adoption in November of 2012, and their family has continued to grow! Jeremiah now has two siblings, both of whom were born with special needs.

Jeremiah was hurt and alone, until his moms found him. They gave him two precious gifts: a life full of love, and family.

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